Shut The Front Door

I can’t even stand how gorgeous weddings have become!

So personal, intimate, special and full of sweet details.

I loved our wedding.

I truly believe it was so many of those things.

But, if I could do it again (with the same man of course) I can’t imagine how fun it would be.

Here  are some dresses that make me swoon….








What about you?

What is inspiring you about weddings these days?

All dresses are from HERE.

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  1. amy

    can you imagine!?? i want a reason to wear/buy one!!!! i can’t wait to check out the link. so fun and pretty!

  2. Kristin

    All are gorgeous. I have noticed that there are many vintage inspired weddings these days…I so wish I could do my wedding all over again! I would add so many vintage elements. We have many customers at THE BARN that ask for vintage jewelry for their wedding…Jeanne, I have noticed as I sell many vintage hat pins that Brides are adding them to their bouquets!!

  3. Sherry Hicks

    While they are all beautiful the second one has my name written all over it, could be because it is a seventies retro re/victorian style that was popular when I was in school. Just beautiful. I am curious wich one of the collection was your favorite? I am off to see where you found these at!

  4. Suzanne

    They all harken back to previous eras. I especially love the first dress, the cute little baby doll style from the 60’s. I can just see the beautiful Jean Shrimpton wearing that one. The Edwardian one is also beautiful and romantic. What I love about these is that they are not overdone, complicated confections thus allowing the bride to be the star and not the dress. And I’m with you, I love the fact that couples are making their weddings more personal.

    My least favorite is the one with woolie caterpillars crawing all over it. EWWWWWW – caterpillar dress.

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