Everywhere I look lately I see these beautiful silhouettes.  They are not like the ones I had done in Disneyland in 1981!  I have been so taken with them that I am in the process of doing one for each of my children.  So hold your breath for that post!  I wanted to share some little lovelies that I found on Etsy for your viewing and purchasing pleasure….


Beautiful prints and cards from Le Papier Designs.


Journal from Cutiepie Company.


Wall decals from Dali Decals.


Toile pillow from Fables and Foxes.


This one has my name written all over it.  Isn't this stunning?  You can find these at Lucky Me Beads.

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  1. chas at the wild raspberry

    that necklace would be perfect with your own kids silhouettes…cute stuff.

  2. Amy

    man, that necklace is precious! yes, the silouettes are great. i remember having silouettes done in art class in third or fourth grade. i wish mom still had it. what a fun keepsake!

  3. traci

    i can remember my mom having silouettes of my sister and me many moons ago. they have come a long way baby. those are beautiful. congrats on the lovely post about you on the other blog. that is very exciting!!

  4. paige

    oh good lordy, do i love the necklace or what!!
    i love silhouettes too…have a few of my girls & cherish them so.
    i love the wall decal you have shown too…how darn cute is that!!

  5. Aunt Kate

    Just had the time to go thru all the pics. It is beautiful and the music is wonderful
    Aunt Kate

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