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Last year I remember reading blog after blog talking about the amazing time they had at Silver Bella.  I looked at all the incredible art they created and envied the time they had with other creative women. 

I can't explain how I feel when I am around other creative women…it truly nourishes my soul. 

This year I was not going to miss this amazing opportunity. 

I sat at my computer….7:55….7:58…..7:59….8:00…..register!  My husband looked at me a little crazy because I almost acted as if I didn't type fast enough the classes would disappear.  I did have grounds for worry because I have heard that it was half sold out in 13 minutes.  13 MINUTES!!!! 

I am now registered and have to patiently wait for another seven more months.  I am not a very patient woman! 

If you are going please email me or leave a comment.  I would love to meet up with you and maybe we will even have a class together.



And in other exciting news….the winner of the beautiful pillow from Petit Coterie is Allegra.  You can thank my oldest son for picking your number.  Congratulations!!!  You are going to LOVE your pillow.  Please email me and let me know whether you would like Michelle to send you the Ampersand or No. 12 pillow.  Michelle, thank you to for your generous giveaway and wonderful interview!  I have loved getting to know you better.  Everytime I look at my lovely pillows I have this incredible and sweet person that now goes along with them.

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  1. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    Congratulations, Jeanne! I would love to go to Silver Bella, but it will have to be next year since I have my big plans to go all the way down to Texas for the big Round Top/Warrenton Flea Market in the fall. Silver Bella sounds so amazing, it will be hard to wait until next year…

  2. paige

    you lucky girlie
    i would love to go to silver bella, i’d take pam garrisons classes for sure!
    can’t wait to see your creations–in 7 months!!
    congratulations allegra

  3. Honey Bend Vintage

    Oh you are so lucky! I dream of going. This year I got the email and crossed my fingers for the date. Yikes it is on the same date as a huge sale at the store I run. I guess I need to find another job:))

  4. chas at the wild raspberry

    being new to all this…i’m not familiar with s.b. i guess i should check it out and think about it for next year eh?
    hope you have a wonderful time there.
    congrats to the pillow winner…

  5. kasey

    oh Allegra is going to die! after winning my giveaway and now yours….how funny!
    I love Michelle’s things!!
    have fun at Silver bella…

  6. Michelle

    How exciting that you are going to silver bella. I would love to be going, you must fill us in upon your return.
    I want to thank you and your readers for all the kind comments regarding my pillows. I feel like I’ve met some wonder women and will hopefully build some great blogging friendships.
    I look forward to sending Allegra her pillow and I thank all of you for entering Jeanne’s giveaway.
    Big hugs to you Jeanne, you are super!

  7. Rebekah

    I keep seeing the name Silver Bella pop up – must be something good, eh?! I will have to check it out. Congrats on signing yourself up!!

  8. LuLu

    Way to go Allergra! She is going to be so excited!! can’t wait to hear all about your time at Silver Bella it looks so amazing!
    Have a great day,

  9. Tara

    OH Jeanne, I hope you have so much fun at silver bella, take lots and lots of photos so I can live through you!! I so glad you signed up and did something for deserve it! XO

  10. Allegra

    I am SPEECHLESS!!!!
    Literally, I have no words….and you know I have LOTS of words on a normal day!!!!!!!!!!
    Jeanne and Michelle–THANK YOU!!!

  11. Janet Doherty

    Ok I am registered but most of what I wanted was already closed…thats what I get for going to bed before registering…darn. Oh well, I know I will enjoy all my classes and the time I am spending there!
    I did get the hat class…yeah!!!

  12. beth

    hey there girlie !! guess what , I am going to silver bella too !!! guess we will be seeing alot of each other this year !! we definitely have to hang out !!!
    big hugs,

  13. koralee

    What fun…i would love to go!!! Just wanted to let you know that if you go to my blog you will see an award waiting for you…have a great day!!!

  14. elyse

    how fun to be going to silver bella. last year i had no idea what it was but the more i read, the cooler it looked. i won’t be going to “the ball” this year so i am hoping for lots of good photos to pour over when everyone returns.
    all of this still feels very new to me. blogging, crafting, selling! what a wonderful thing blogging is!

  15. Jodie (everything vintage)

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and…WE ARE GOING TO SILVER BELLA TOGETHER! Yay!
    You are going to have SO much fun! Really. You will.
    My gosh your blog is beautiful! I haven’t made my rounds yet to everyone, but I will!
    About the magazines…I am DONE with Barnes & Nobles. They never stock on time, it’s 45 minutes away, etc. So to save all the hassle, I subscribed to my Somerset favorites. Then they came out with new titles, oh my! So I then logged in to Stampington & Company, ( & subscribed to the monthly E-letter (Post Script). They send it to you about once a month. In the issue, they will preview the upcoming magazines and offer them at 12.99 instead of 14.99 with free shipping. This is for Post Script subscribers only through Stampington. And the secret is…I get the magazines that I pre-ordered FASTER than I get my subscriptions! Go figure!
    Hope this helps!
    My mad woman days are over, hopefully yours will be too! 😉

  16. Angela C

    Jeanne I won’t be able to participate in Silver Bella this year – not in the budget! But! I think I’ll go to the vendor vair portion and at least be able to purchase something.
    I hope you like visiting Omaha – my home town!

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