Silver Bella


(One of the Bella's box of pretties)

A year ago I read beautiful accounts across the blog world talking about Silver Bella and the creative experience they had.

The photos were gorgeous and it sounded like the most incredible party of glittery fun!

I signed up as soon as registration opened more than 10 months ago.


(Gorgeous vintage items from Heather of Speckled Egg)

I came with little idea what this would REALLY all be like.

Keep in mind that I just went to Brave Girl Camp a month ago and had such a deep and real heart changing experience. 

I knew that nothing could compare to that.

Women do that.

We change each other's hearts…for the better or worse.

Back to Silver Bella:-)


(Andrea's tray and some of her gorgeous vintage beads)

I enjoyed the classes and learned a few new techniques. 


(Hard and AMAZING class by Denise Sharp)

I met some artists that I admire.



(The rosary necklace I created in Kaari's class.  Kaari Meng of French General.  I am excited to travel with her to the South of France in July)

I had the privilege of hearing Jo Packham  speak….and I could have listened to her all day.

I had a wonderful vendor night and sold lots.


(I loved catching up with my sweet, sweet friend Beth Quinn)





Silver Bella picture with Betha

But if you know me ….you know that I love to connect with people. 

(The amazingly sweet Amy Smith.  She blessed me…BLESSED me…with one of Beth's necklaces that said "She Follows Her Dreams".  She made my night)


(The very talented Kari of Artsy Mama)


(Amy Powers and the beautiful Gabrielle)

(Heidi of Birds of a Feather.  Her creations are gorgeous and her apron was soooo pretty.  I really want to learn embroidery)

(I love this girl!  I met Kana through blogging. She is so funny, sweet and genuine….and she is a knock out:-))


(I adore Lisa.  She is so talented…seriously….ran to her booth to buy a few necklaces before the vendor night began.  She is also so sweet and real.  I wish we lived closer!!)


(There aren't enough words for me to tell you how much I love these girls.  Meg…I would be making you hang out with me everyday if we lived near each other.  I ADORE you!!!!)

I am not great at small talk for too long so nothing blesses me more than to meet other genuine and creative women. 

That is what I took away from Silver Bella…..sweet new friendships.

Some that I believe will last a lifetime.

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  1. Martha

    Your pictures are beautiful Jeanne!!!! Sounds so lovely and fun…glad you enjoyed it but I am sure others feel blessed by your beautiful creations too:)

  2. Amy Muffoletto

    Just want to say that you inspire me everyday to continue on the path God has led me. Right now I am unsure of that path and everything is confusing. But I stand on my faith. I hope one day we will meet in person so I can give you a big hug and thank you. Silver Bella looks amazing. I will be there next year for sure…..

  3. Karlene

    you did amazing on your bird!! I heard that class was super hard, but it clearly was rewarding. I LOVE it. Wish we could have had the opportunity to meet.

  4. lissa

    and you are a wonderful friend too!
    wow! You’re booth was AWESOME!! Just AWESOME!
    Love the photos of you and beth!
    and is that the bird you were talking about? super cool!

  5. Tricia Whisler

    What a fun experience! I have to tell you, you look fantastic! I LOOOVE your apron too!!!

  6. Maisy

    I looks divine. Awesome. I love that dress you ate wearing!
    You have met some wonderful people. You are a lucky girl. Thx for the great photos.

  7. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Well said sweet Jeanne. Can I just say you looked radiant in your ruffle apron and boots. You just shine girl and your booth…wow I am so impressed. You have been busy!! What a pro you are:)

  8. Leah C

    Friendships and sweet memories of good times…probably the best goodies found at SilverBella:) Love, love your apron! So frilly & pretty:)

  9. Jackie

    Great pictures! Your booth looks great! and that rosary necklace…amazing!! I’ll teach you to embroider if you teach me to make jewelry!! Love the small talk thought…I don’t do that well for very long either!!

  10. paige

    i love your posts after you return from awesome events…i love to hear about the creations but especially about the incredible connections with women.
    your booth looks amazing
    & next year when things settle down & you’re whipping up some crafts…i’d love to have one of your journals like you’ve shown…gorgeous!

  11. Heidi

    hi jeanne ~
    so wonderful to meet you ~ you are too sweet! i wish we lived closer so we could create together. i hope our paths cross again and again!
    best wishes ~
    xo heidi

  12. gabrielle

    Jeanne!!! This is the best Silver Bella Post. Love, love how you intermingled the Bellas, the projects and all the goods! It was so wonderful to meet you at Silver Bella! I love my bag Andrea bought me, I was kicking myself vendor night for not getting one… She took care of that! LOL xoxo

  13. beth

    hey girl !! i miss you so much and just LOVED hanging out and talking even though we were both DEAD tired!! i can’t wait until we can hang out again … and do our own creative venture together- we have to talk about that soon !!! i am going to be stealing a couple pics from your blog of us to use on my blog ! those pics in the photo booth sooooo funny !! what a dork i am …LOL!!!
    love and hugs,

  14. meg duerksen

    i lost my comment…i guess i clicked something.
    anyway…i love the way you put it jeanne.
    your shop was so busy we couldn’t get up to take pictures of your stuff. but it was fabulous.
    love your hair in these pics. πŸ™‚
    i am so grateful for SB so i could meet you.

  15. Sabrina Sane

    So great to meet you and I will treasure my beautiful ruffled bag! Great post and it all seems like a blur now, but a mega does of inspiration!!

  16. susan

    gosh, looks so amazing……lots of beautiful and talented women how cool is that? maybe someday i’ll get there too. your booth is so lovely!

  17. LuLu

    Awwww i can’t tell you how motivating it is reading your posts about Brave Girl Camp and now Silver Bella… the friendships, the art…. all so powerful!! I feel the energy that must have been in the room run through your writing!!

  18. Andrea S.

    I am so glad we finally met! Only wish we had had more time to chat in the whirlwind weekend.
    I hope our paths will cross again soon! You are so sweet and authentic.

  19. Jerri R

    Glad you had an awesome time…just a teensy tiny bit jealous πŸ™‚
    You and your table full of goodies look amazing!

  20. amy

    great sum up of your time! love the pictures! wish i could see your table more close up. it looked beautiful though.=)

  21. Christie

    Oh, I’m so super-envious! I wish I could have gone to Silver Bella. Next year for sure.
    I love your photos, thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  22. heather

    Geez, you go to ALL the fun places! And always look adorable on top of that! Love the ruffle apron and your ruffled tablecloth for your booth. Everything looked lovely. But the friendships must have been the icing on the cake. πŸ™‚

  23. Luci

    What a great post. Sorry if I’m not focusing on your point of community – but I’m busy loving all the clothes everybody is wearing!

  24. The Brocantess

    Thank you for the comment on my blog and for stopping by. I have been a follower of your Etsy store for a while but it is nice to find your blog now! I love your white ruffle totes and your gorgeous “prize” ribbons. You are talented and have wonderful taste. I will definitely be back soon!!!!!

  25. Lara

    Oh, Jeanne! This looked like such a perfect trip to follow Brave Girl….you have a gift for connecting with other creative women and I know that they feel just as blessed to have met YOU πŸ™‚
    Your booth looked fantastic! You’re making me want to go next year…..
    Have a GREAT Thanksgiving week, friend~

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