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Madolyn is my only daughter.

I am often struck with the realization that she will never grow up with a sister.

She will never be blessed to be one of the first people in the world to hold her sister's new born baby, toast her at her wedding and raise their babies together.

I have one sister and one brother.


My sister and I have had our share of ups and downs.

Our differences made our relationship difficult for many years.

I believe our differences now are a blessing and have made us appreciate each other more.

When you grow up you let a lot of things go and a wonderful peace and contentment comes.

I am fortunate enough to have my sister and her family live only 20 minutes away.

Our children adore each other and I love that they will grow up together.

Maybe my sister's daughters will feel like sisters to my Maddy and her youngest little boy will be like a brother to my sweet boys.

They often spend the night together and they already love each other deeply.


I pray that these relationships fill the void that Maddy feels in her heart sometimes for a sister.

Last week we were playing at my sister's house and I had brought my camera (which goes with me everywhere) so we had an impromptu photo session.

FYI…photo sessions at noon are not the best (early morning and evening are great times).

But it was noon (so ignore the shadows) and I wanted to take some photos and here are some photos of my beautiful sister and her most gorgeous children!





If you have a sister you are blessed…if you do not….I hope you have a friend that is like a sister.

I love you Amy!