Sketchbook Revival 2021 | This Free Workshop Begins Tomorrow!


Imagine waking up every day brimming with ideas, excitement, and confidence to open up your sketchbook and start creating, no matter what.

The 4th annual Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop is about to start, and it’s all about making this vision a reality.

This free workshop begins on March 18th and I am so excited to tell you that I will be sharing in a session!


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In my session I will be sharing how simple lines in nature have been inspiring new work, beginning marks and even final marks. With found “Cracks in the Road” I have had my eyes opened to the lines all around me. With simple tools I hope you will share the lines you find in your world!

You will not want to miss this free series because within Sketchbook Revival I will also be sharing a code for FREE ACCESS to one of my favorite courses on our site! 




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Consider it your invitation to sharpen your pencils, wipe off your palettes, pull out your sketchbooks, and get ready for a fresh start that’s going to energize and revive your creative practice like never before.

When you sign up for the workshop, you’ll be joining a global community of creativity enthusiasts who are saying yes to having more fun and freedom in their creative practices. Together we’ll experiment and try new things while we

  • explore different approaches to filling up our sketchbooks
  • get new ideas and tons of inspiration
  • stretch and grow our creative muscles
  • build momentum and find our flow
  • revitalize our creative practices and ourselves!

So won’t you join me? I’m leading a session on the Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop and I hope you’ll say yes to this inspiring opportunity and come with me.


Join the free sketchbook workshop!

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    1. Jeanne Oliver Author

      Sketchbook revival is not hosted on this site. Please follow the links provided in the blog post and they will be able to get you in. Thanks!

  1. Monica Saleh

    I just watched your amazing episode on Sketchbook Revival. How do I access your free course? Thank you

    1. Jeanne Oliver Author

      Hello! I am so glad you liked my session. Please go back to Sketchbook Revival and all of the course info is shared just for you guys! Enjoy.

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