I am heading to Seattle tomorrow morning….EARLY!

I am so excited.

Not only will I get to play with friends the whole weekend…I will also be visiting a city that I have never been to.

With my camera in hand I can't wait to explore.

Becky and I will be staying with Lissa.

Sasha will also be joining us on Friday night for dinner.

I can't wait to tell you all about it and to show you some of my photos.

Lissa and I can talk… A LOT!

Becky can talk too but we are just much more "talented" in this area.

If you remember my stories from Brave Girl Camp….at one point Becky sat up and told us to "please shut up".

She says she doesn't remember any of that…hmmmmmm.

I will say that it was around 2 am and we should have been sleeping.

So…I don't expect to sleep much.

I do expect to….

Antique a lot.

Eat great food.

Walk…walk…walk and walk some more.

Take a ton of photos and laugh until I cry.

I love these girls.

They do my heart good.

They are real, funny, creative, honest and they love the Lord with all their hearts.

See you soon.