Sneak Peek {I couldn’t wait until tomorrow}

I wanted to share the lookbook.

The site will not go live until late, late tonight or early morning depending on where you live.

I hope you enjoy this peek and come back tomorrow for a huge giveaway to celebrate the Coming Home Collection.

Feel free to share with your friends, neighbors, strangers:-)

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  1. Connie Brauer

    Jeanne – All looks beautiful! Lovin’ those bags……all of them! Love your music too. Connie LOU

  2. Priscilla

    I cannot wait Jeanne until Friday morning! Love the bags, and jewelry! Love it all!!

  3. Heather Ales

    Oh my stars… it’s wonderful! All of it is gorgeous! I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to come! That red purse… oh my. SO lovely!

  4. mgriffin

    Beautiful, beautiful collection captured in amazing photography!! So proud of you!!

  5. Michelle

    Oh my gosh! I love it! I have my eye on a few of your dresses. Congrats! Can’t wait to see everything tomorrow 🙂

  6. Melinda

    Oh it is just breathtaking Jeanne~~~!!! I am in love with the red and white floral handbag!! I HAVE to have it!
    Congrats on your beautiful collection, just stunning.
    Have a lovely night.

  7. Stacey

    Oh my goodness! You are such a huge inspiration!!! Your work is just gorgeous Jeanne! The way you present your line just gives me goosebumps it’s so beautifully done!!! Bravo! And the best of luck to you with this release! I hope it is wildly successful!!

  8. pam

    Lovely Lovely! That red bag in the middle is a nice pop! Love the shot under the huge pile of logs too! Congrats on finishing!

  9. lissa

    it’s very professional and quite amazing! Your daughter steals the show. what a beauty. oh and I LOVE the cover lots and lots! Best one yet!

  10. Jane Thomas

    I want all of it!!! I saw 71 pages of goodness. Maybe I am up late enough to go beyond the sneak peek. If not, I don’t know if I can stand more of the gorgeousness. Love the song that plays when your page comes up – One, two, three, four.

  11. Darlene

    Jeanne-It is too beautiful!! I loved peeking at the look book. LOVED Maddy in her jeans & pony tails shot! The whole book was amazing!

  12. Krista

    Absolutely gorgeous! Admire you, your talents & creativity and being true to who you are!

  13. Laura

    Beautiful and love the music.
    Had to do a doubletake at photo with woodpile.
    Laughed at small Keep Off sign.

  14. Cindy Reimer

    Beautiful……oh my gosh what gorgeous things you have made!!! I am in love with the ruffled messenger bag -yum!!

  15. Jane Thomas

    I want it all!!!!! My favorite is the purse that is gray with ruffles and a flower. It is taken in front of what appears to be either a church or meeting house.

  16. Penny Edwards

    I love this so much… I have a big family,and would share the gift with all…. I do not have a blog,but love to look at yours,and all….Thanks for the chance…..

  17. Cyndi Speelman

    Jeanne – I get so many compliments on my camera bag and my dress from your site. You are so amazing! Crossing my fingers on your prize!!

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