I have had a ticket to the Altitude Design Summit for months (Good thing because it sells out every year).

I have had hotel reservations at the beautiful Grand America for just as long.

I have known that I would get to spend four days with four incredible women.

I canceled my trip a 1,000 times in my head.

In my head I called them up and just told them the truth….I can’t get everything done and there is no way I can make it.

We have been running on full speed and honestly when we are working this hard it is almost impossible to think that you are doing a very good job at all the things that matter.

With the push of my husband and his assurance that he would handle my work and home responsibilities while I was away…..I started packing my bags.

Not the kind of packing I would have done a few years ago.

Not the kind of packing where I have all the outfits layed out three weeks before I travel and slowly zip the suitcase  and head to the airport with a new pedicure, outfit and hair blownout.

Not THAT kind of packing.

The packing when it is an hour before you have to leave and you just hope you packed enough underwear and didn’t forget your toothbrush.

THAT kind of packing.

I was so tired and rushed that tears were welling up as I zipped my suitcase.

It all seemed like so much work and there were so many responsibilities I was leaving undone.

Kelly and the kids walked me to the door and we kissed all over each other. Jack had tears in his eyes (that is his heart).

As I pulled out of our driveway and looked up towards the house….everyone was crowded in the doorway waving or giving me the “I love you” sign with their sweet fingers.

So, I headed towards the airport.

I was late so there was no long term parking.

I was late that I would be paying for covered parking near the airport ($96 to be exact).

With all of my bags and yes, ALL…..I like to have choices…I headed into the terminal.

I can never really relax and focus on the trip before me until I have checked in and handed over my bag.

As I walked towards security my pulse began to steady.

I could actually start getting excited for this time….for me.

I snapped a photo out the window of my plane.  That is what we do now…right?

We document.  Even if no one else cares…we record and show we were there.

Before our plane starts to taxi I quickly call Kelly and thank him.

He made me do this.

He knew how hard I had been working and told me how good this would be.  How much I needed it.

I slept off and on during the flight with my Elle and Vogue in my lap and a large man in a wool sweater pressed against me.

We touch down.

I document again.  With the beautiful mountains right outside my window I smile.

(Part II about my time at the Altitude Design Summit will be up on Wednesday).