Sometimes I……….

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Sometimes I …………

Want to run away to the city and explore

Wish I didn’t have to workout to fit into my jeans

Don’t want to get out of bed

Want to paint all day and ignore everyone and everything

Wish I were in college again

Wish my children were still babies and I could hold and cuddle them like that

Want to be an actress

Want to be a singer in a band

Want to close the curtains in a hotel and sleep for days

Want to go to art school

Daydream about being a little girl again

Wish I had known my Grandpa Loran

Want to say whatever I want and not worry about the consequences

Wish there was a way to guarantee that my children would always know how much they are loved

Want to go renew my vows

Want to run off to Paris with my husband

Want to get a nose ring

Procrastinate by writing a silly blog post when I have tons of things to do:-)


Now it is your turn.

Sometimes I…………………..



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  1. Sherry

    read other people’s wish lists and see myself, or feel inspired or nod my head and while doing this I realize that I too am procrastinating when there are other things to be done…but if we didn’t have our wishes and dreams life would be as dull as dishwater (speaking of which there is a sink full of dishes calling my name…)

  2. Sheila R

    Sometimes I want to be able to create and not have to worry about the dishes, the kiddos are the time of the day.

  3. Liza Turner

    …spend far too much time on Pinterest looking at images of city apartments, rooftop terraces, townhomes that remind me of the Huxtables’ or Carrie Bradshaw’s, rooms far more industrial, classy, and/or unique than I could ever design, and imagine myself as the owner, the curator of these fantastic spaces who wears Jeanne Oliver outfits every day and always has perfectly unkempt hairstyles.

    I do this knowing, however, that I am crazy lucky to have my completely ordinary everydays.:)

  4. The Beautiful Life

    Ditto for the commenter above…. dishes, laundry, sometimes I wish I could go back in time…decisions would be made differently. But they’re made now… and I go on…. Jeanne, you have a beautiful blog here. 🙂


  5. Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

    Sometimes, most times, I am thankful for the exquisite, creative women whose posts inspire me, comfort me, lovingly prod me to dream, to unfold and to be grateful for all that I’ve been blessed with. Other times, I wish I could escape, alone, to a cabin to sleep, read, beach comb and day dream. Sometimes….

  6. Lisa Mende

    i wish i could push back the hands of time and have my children young to enjoy rather than be stressed like i was when they were young, could take back things i say that shouldn’t have ever been said, could be more patient, exercise more, eat less, tell the people i love that i love them when they are the hardest to love, could live at the ocean and paint sunsets…

  7. Donna

    wish I had a store to display all the creative things floating around in my head, could run away to the beach and just soak up the sun, could go back to guatemala and love on those people that touched my heart on a mission trip there, want to be positive and make people smile, love on my kiddos and not have crazy days!!!

  8. Jill

    * want to open a store where I would love to shop
    * get a tattoo
    * learn to ride a Harley
    * wish I had had more children
    *And just about everything you said!{especially not having to workout to fit in my jeans!}


  9. Jane T

    Love all of your thoughts, but I don’t want a nose ring. It would look kind of funny on a 66 year old nose! I would love to have my children, grandchildren, and not two great grandchildren all around me near the same age like potty trained, talking, and walking. We could have so much fun. I wish I had an organized home and studio so I could be productive…guess I am too lazy to make it happen. Love your music!!!

  10. Patti Hall

    ……wish I could be a little girl again waking up at my grandmas to the sound of the spoon hitting the inside of the cooffee mug as she stired the cream in her coffee, spending time with her in her garden, helping her make dinner, laying on a blanket outside after dinner, looking up at the summers night sky as she told me stories that her grandmother told her when she was a little girl and wrapping my arms around her and taking in the scent of her gardenia cream she used to use. I miss my grandmother greatly! She was a woman of God and loved her Savior with all her heart, so I take comfort in knowing I will see her again someday! In the meantime I cherish the memories she left me with!!!

  11. Alissa

    …I wish i could have a studio, that I could open once a month to sell my art work and antique finds.
    …I wish I could move to the mountains.
    …I wish I could let my daughter know how much she means to me.
    …I wish I could stand up for myself.
    …I wish I could take more art classes and not have to worry about cooking, laundry and dust bunnies!
    …i wish I could help my husband more.

  12. Amanda A Sweet Life Rocks

    …..I wish I was stronger, but always remain humble.
    …..I wish I could slow the clock, my babies are growing.
    …..I want to just take an entire day off, for me.
    …..I am moved to tears at how blessed I am, right here, right now.

  13. Suzanne

    Sometimes I

    Wish I didn’t keep making the same mistake over and over…

    Wish I could find the man of my dreams…soon!

    Wish I could be happy being on my own with my little girl…I am most of the time…

    Wish I didn’t get so lonely…

    Wish my family lived closer…

    Wish I didn’t sound so miserable! lol

  14. Debbie Ellerd

    Something I must tell you…..I get your blog posts about the time I go to bed every night and it is so relaxing to read them and go to bed. You have such beautiful children and you have a wonderful family life. You are so blessed….I love reading your blog. I will be taking your workshop and I am so looking forward to learning what you give. Sometimes I wish I could just plunge into art and not worry about housework…I wish I could have a bigger studio, instead of a corner in my laundry room and the money supply it with art materials. Now get your hankie out… Wish I could of known my Mother, she died when I was three days old. Wish I could of had my Father longer in my life, he died when I was eleven. I wish I had my Aunt who raised me longer in my life, she died when I was 30. I wish my one and only child, a daughter will have a baby soon, she will be 35 in March and that is my only chance to have a grand baby. I have had a pretty tough life but I also have been blessed with the family I have left and some of the most wonderful people I have met that have inspired me.

  15. Jen Osborn

    wish I was more comfortable making phone calls (I turn into a tard – interrupt – get all worked up over lags)

    wish my art girls lived close enough that we could have a monthly art day

    wish my children could go through life without experiencing true hardship

    wish the Cleaning Fairy would finally make a visit

    wish clean laundry would put itself away

    wish everyone in my life knew how much I truly love them

    wish I had more hours in the day to read

    wish I was more comfortable being told I’m inspiring by other artists

    wish that happy times could linger on forever

    wish I could write blog posts with my mind instead of my fingers 🙂

    wish I knew where I was going in life (but only sometimes – I kinda like the surprise of it all)

    wish we could make every child in the world feel loved & safe & happy

    wish you would write more blog posts like this because I love them!


  16. Julianna Morlet

    Sometimes I too, wish I lived in the city.
    Sometimes I wish my hair was a wig that I could change for a different color everyday.
    Sometimes I wish I knew how to bite my tongue better.

    Love this post 🙂

  17. meg

    I wish I had taken the jobs that would have provided me a lifestyle that could support me now.
    I wish I did not gain so much weight, that I could take joy in who I am and the talents that I have instead of wishing I were someone else.
    I wish I could find out when I lost my courage and regain it.
    I need to be able to make enough to live on my own. I wish it were not so hard to start over at 60.
    I wish I waited for different prince charming.
    I too wish I could sometimes be more careful with what I say.
    I wish my family were nicer too me now instead of teaching me to be weak and coddled.
    I wish that my new friends were closer to me, but for that, I would have to be more open. So, I wish to be more accessable.
    I thank you for the forum to put my wishes here instead of in a box that no one sees.
    I wish I wrote more, took more photos, and learned more instead of playing solitaire.
    Love to all.
    I wish I knew when all my wounds would heal.
    I wish I had a stronger constitution, that I could brave the waves, ski down a mountain, ride a bike without falling off, or just breathe without a struggle.

  18. emily ruth

    want to run off to new york city & live in a studio apartment & go to the met & go for walks in central park (during the safe times of the day) & explore all of the bits that i’ve ever dreamed about or seen in magazines & movies…


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