Sometimes I …………

Want to run away to the city and explore

Wish I didn’t have to workout to fit into my jeans

Don’t want to get out of bed

Want to paint all day and ignore everyone and everything

Wish I were in college again

Wish my children were still babies and I could hold and cuddle them like that

Want to be an actress

Want to be a singer in a band

Want to close the curtains in a hotel and sleep for days

Want to go to art school

Daydream about being a little girl again

Wish I had known my Grandpa Loran

Want to say whatever I want and not worry about the consequences

Wish there was a way to guarantee that my children would always know how much they are loved

Want to go renew my vows

Want to run off to Paris with my husband

Want to get a nose ring

Procrastinate by writing a silly blog post when I have tons of things to do:-)


Now it is your turn.

Sometimes I…………………..