I am so sorry about my stretch between posts!  I never go anywhere and I have been taking little trips like crazy these past weeks.  I recently got back from a girls weekend in Savannah, Georgia.  I met one of my friends that lives in DC and we had a great time.  The city is gorgeous and it is filled with so many amazing architectural details.  It is so refreshing to see so much character everywhere you look.  We ate great food, shopped in wonderful shops likethis, drank yummy wine, talked and talked and talked.  It was so nice to have a conversation and not get interrupted!  It has been years since we have had this kind of time together.  I did make her go somewhere that she didn't want to though.  We were leaving a wine bar and I heard singing off tune and I knew it could only mean one thing…..karaoke night!!!!!!!!!!!!  I started begging…"Please?  Can we please go in?  It is soooo funny!  I love watching people who practice all week and then make fools of themselves on stage!!!  Please?"  I was so pathetic that she eventually agreed.  I was laughing and having the best time.  When a man started singing to his wife and then left the stage to sing to her I knew it couldn't get any better.  I don't know why I love karaoke so much.  I even begged her to go on stage and sing with me….she said there was not enough liquor or money to make her do that.  I was not about to go by myself.  Lets just say that at one point my friend looked at me and said, "you are a freak".  I am sure she meant it in a very loving way.