Speak Life {Be THAT person at THAT time}

This week in Studying Under The Masters {becoming an apprentice} I asked the students to take the time to write/call/tell someone that has inspired them…thank you.

My main point was to make sure you take the time to tell the artists that inspire you how much their work means to you.

There is freedom in sharing but it also helps the other artists to remember that their work has meaning and touches the lives of others.

It doesn’t stop there though.

I goes out to so many people in your life that you mean to bless with your thoughts and words and time slips away.

It made me stop and realize that I have been meaning to write one specific man for many years now and I just don’t stop and make the time.

Who do you need to bless this week?

Who needs to hear your words of thankfulness?

I have thought back many times over my high school years and have fondly remembered one man that took the time to notice me and make me feel smart and creative.

I looked up to this man because he was kind, smart and he saw me.

I felt like he really saw me.

When you are a teenager with a million ideas and thoughts you can often feel like adults don’t take you seriously.

I remember that feeling and I keep reminding myself to not do it to my own children.

I still can’t believe he would let me sit in his office and listen to me.

I still can’t believe that he took the song I wrote about friendship and had the school band play it at graduation.

When I look back at what he did, the heart he had for me and the time he invested in me I can honestly say I don’t even understand.

I now believe that the Lord put me on his heart.

I now believe that this man helped me to become a leader in ways he will never know.

He had tender eyes towards a child that was not his own.

He had a generous heart towards a child that needed someone to see her.

If you are reading this you have no idea the broken heart I had back then.

You have no idea how much I wanted to be seen and heard.

I have tears rolling down my cheeks right now because there are so many feelings and thoughts I can’t share but I remember this girl.

I wish I could go back in time and tell her so many things.

I wish I could tell her what her life would become.

I wish I could whisper in her ear, “Jeanne, everything you desire in your heart will come true”.

What I can do is tell this man that he has become precious to my heart and let him know how much I adore him and what he did for me.

This man was the principal of my small private school.

Mr. Novak, I may never see you again in my lifetime but thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being THAT person at THAT time.

I know you were placed by God for that role.

Early this morning I saw a brand new video by Toby Mac.

I found it so powerful about the effect of our words upon one another and a visual reminder of the impact they have.

I hope you take the time this week to reach out to a person that has been a positive person in your life.

I want to be THAT person at THAT time for another person.

I want my words and actions to bring life!

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  1. Judy

    How wonderful that you had an adult who saw you and believed in you at a time in your life that it meant so much. How beautiful that you appreciate and honor him after so many years because you remember the difference his words and faith in you meant.

  2. paige

    oh girl. this is awesome!! we each have a sphere of influence that we should speak life into at every chance we can get. i love this & i love you !

    1. Beverly Schumacher

      Jeanne – what an awesome story to share. May we all speak life to those we met. I’m so proud of you and what God is doing in your life. May He continue to bless you as you serve Him!

  3. mysoulfulhome

    Jeanne I know you are THAT person to many people. I am so glad you had someone in your life when you needed him most, that let & encouraged you to shine. I thank Mr. Novak too. Fo rid not for him…maybe we would not have you as you are.

  4. Linda

    I am thankful for the women who have given of themselves to my daughters. So important! I missed out on a woman having that kind of interest in me as a teen besides my mom who lived a life more than talked about it. As an adult though I have had several who cared enough to gently be an influence. I am thankful forthem as well.

  5. Gretchen Schaumann

    Good morning Jeanne. I am two days behind from reading your most recent post, but had to share my thoughts. I am away from home, up visiting my 90 year old Dad today, but came up last night and spent time with some of my siblings in the small town of 450 people. In towns such as this, the social lives revolve around high school sports, and last night was no exception. As one whom was an athlete must myself, I’m always up for going to watch the teams play, spending time withy siblings and getting to see old family, teachers, coaches, or high school friends. Last night it was all of the above. However, I spent 10-15 minutes after the game catching up with a couple that came to teach in their early 20’s, while I as in 5th grade. I shared a few things with the husband, that brought tears of gratitude and verbal thanks for my sharing it with him. This morning, I had messaged an artisan that I have looked up to for 5 years and unknowingly she has mentored me the last 5 years of my 17 year business, and has helped define me in my art field, of vintage redesign. She finally wrote a book, which I purchased, and then told her things that makes what an artisan and teacher of her trade excited about. I encourage you to follow through with your letter to that principal, as kind words, recognition and speaking that to others will so bless them, and in turn we are blessed as an after thought. I love how I read your blog post after these two little personal occurrences, as it is confirmation in my heart that I’m on the right path to living out and doing my 2014 word, which is ‘SOULFUL’. So fun to be led my Him in my life, and to finally be listening to His promptings.
    Thank you for this community that through offering your classes for all aspects of life has allowed for and challenged growth in many women’s lives over the years. You are making a difference, so don’t stop believing.

  6. Carol

    Hello, and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I may have been to your site before and I hope to visit more. I love Toby Mac’s music and “Speak Life” is no exception! I too spent a lot of my teen years shedding many tears and I still think back on many times in my past, before beginning a new life in Christ, that I wish I could tell myself that I could be strong and to think of my future. Regrets, regrets. But all I can do now is move forward and try to do many things that I loved but did not carry through. I always loved art! I am trying to get back to creating and have been so inspired by many bloggers…I need to get my thoughts onto paper and set mini goals, making art a couple times a week even if it is little sketches here and there. And, art is contagious. When I create stuff my girls seem to catch the bug too! It is true about speaking good words too. Many years back I had found some of Tracy Porter’s artwork and just Love her style. So much so that I wrote her a letter and must have told her how I liked her art and wondered if she ever gave art lessons of some kind. I could not believe that she sent me back a letter w/my book order and enclosed some little art books w/a little note in each cover. I still have them! She did not have any lessons at the time but she was nice enough to autograph her things and encourage me anyway! I will be back again to visit and maybe some day I can take some of your lessons. For now I am trying to connect w/other creative women and listen to their encouraging words so I can be motivated to keep do art and some day bless others too,
    thanks & Blessings,

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