Splish Splash


When you have two boys and one girl that are all sharing a bathroom…. the decorating can be tricky.


We really wanted the room to be bright and fun for all of them.


We painted the room a vibrant yellow and put up bright, white bead board.

The room is completely decorated with their art work.


Each child has a metal, letter hook of their initial.



Their towels and bathrobes hang from the WASH sign.


When we first did this bathroom we made prints of their tiny hands.  They are so much bigger now and we still need to do Benjamin's!



My favorite part of this room is that their art is everywhere

They are so proud to show it and it fits perfectly in the space.



Cloth shower curtain from Land of Nod

Vinyl lettering from Hobby Lobby

Letter hooks from Anthropologie

Towels from Target

Rug from Kmart

White frames from Pottery Barn Kids



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  1. Amy Muffoletto

    We are going to gut our entire full bath and redo it… You have some fabulous ideas…. I have a teenage daughter and 3 small boys and me and my husband sharing one bath…. I love your design. The photos are fabulous. Thank you for sharing….

  2. Julie M.

    What a sweet and happy gallery for your babies and their creations! I love the shower curtain and the stripey rug…I just love stripey rugs!
    : )
    Julie M.
    ps I have two older brothers. When we were little our bathroom was painted a bright spring green. When I first met my friend and neighbor Alice, who has two little girls…she had JUST painted their very similar bathroom exactly the same shade of green! What fun!

  3. Lori

    that is the sweetest bathroom Jeanne…even cuter with your bathing beauty there:) what wonderful ideas you incorporated…i think using the kiddos artwork and wee hand prints to decorate is just precious!!!

  4. Thena

    Awesome ideas. Love the hooks instead of slinging towels over a door, or the same ole towel bar.

  5. Nancy

    That is so very sweet, you are such a good Mom, I bet they just love being in there!
    I still have all of my kids painting and baby blankets from when they were little, just too precious not to keep!

  6. Annette Q

    Oh gosh! This really is a fantastic bathroom… I just love their artwork on the walls, what a great idea! I’ll be moving into a new flat next year and I’m definitely taking notes!! πŸ™‚

  7. Silke

    I love your bathroom! Gives me some great ideas as we think about redoing ours. The artwork is the best!! πŸ™‚ Silke

  8. Deb

    Adorable, Jeanne! I love their artwork incorporated into your design. The Anthropologie letter hooks are some of my favorites! I have been including one of these in baby shower gifts lately and they are always a big hit. :o)

  9. Nicolette

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you did…now I found your great blog! The movie was great, didn’t you think?! I love your post about meeting these great entrepenuer woman at gatherings around the US. Something I look forward to doing. Have a nice day! πŸ™‚

  10. the wild raspberry

    that’s a great bathroom…love those letter hooks and the artwork!
    the cutest thing is the curls on your little one~what a punkin’
    have a wonderful day

  11. Jackie

    Love it!! We need to redo both our bathrooms. I love how you used their artwork!! It is tough with the 2 boys and 1 girl (I have the same thing), but you’ve made it wonderful for all of them!!

  12. Leah C

    What a cute bathroom! The artwork is adorable…and how fun for your lil’ artists to see their creations on display:)

  13. Tara

    Adorable to say the least, love the beadboard, love the color, the art work…do I really need to say more? With all of them sharing you certianly did a good job…my poor son his bathroom is so girlie, do you think this will give him some sort of complex?? :0 XO

  14. Tricia Whisler

    So cute! LOVE their artwork! Adorable idea! Have a great day!

  15. Nuit

    What a lovely blog! thanks for stopping by mine… This bathroom is a dream, you’ve done a beautiful job!

  16. Liz Roberts

    Thank-you thank-you for this post! I have done a similar idea in my boys bathroom(yellow paint, white beadboard..etc), but I hadn’t thought to finish it off so nicely with the kids artwork, I love that idea, I think we are going to be doing some painting today!

  17. tracey

    Very cute! Bathrooms are the hardest room for me to decorate, just no inspiration or motivation for those rooms. Happy Monday:)

  18. mkg

    Can little boys be called beautiful??? Sure they can!!! And such a precious little man, too. The kids’ bathroom is great – colorful, fun and full of personal touches making bath time something to look forward to:)

  19. Tracy

    LOVE incorporating the kids are in THEIR bathroom…awesome!
    I am trying to find ways to incorporate my daughters art in our house….this is such a great idea.
    …and gotta love the bubble beard – one of the best parts about being a kid!
    xo Jeanne!

  20. LuLu

    i adore their art work and love how you displayed them in the bathroom. my kiddos share one bathroom 3 girls with the 1 boy so it’s beadboard and gray blue color.I love the shower curtain.

  21. Amanda

    I love the bathroom! Such a great way to integrate each child’s personality and make it special for them to each have their own letter and art!
    And……it looks great! Good work!

  22. koralee

    I think this bathroom is the cutest little art gallery I have ever seen…the sweet little faces of your babes in the images make it even sweeter…love the colors you picked.
    Just got back from holidays and so so so sad I missed your giveaway. …but congratulations my dear!!!!

  23. rue

    That is one of the cutest kids bathrooms I’ve ever seen! No wonder they love it πŸ™‚

  24. Kacey

    What a perfect bathroom for little ones! I may have to borrow some of your ideas. Love it!
    Trying to remember how I came across your blog, but can’t…glad I found it, just the same. πŸ™‚

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