Started With a Birthday and Ended With a Tic Tac

This past weekend was packed with activities.  We started the weekend with Madolyn's 6th birthday party on  Friday night.  All the girls (and their moms) met at the movie theater to see High School Musical (hence the HSM music on the blog….it will be gone soon:-)).  They loved it and so did we.  We then headed back to our house for karaoke, cake, presents etc. 








Saturday was Madolyn's actual birthday.  She opened all her presents in the morning and we played with her new doll.  We then headed to a local harvest festival with friends.  I was still getting over my cold and my littlest was ready for a nap.  My husband headed to the car with the youngest and I slowly made my way to the car with the other two.  When we got there Kelly was saying how he had been calling my cell phone…..we need to go to the hospital…..Benjamin stuck a tic tac up his nose.  At this point I just looked at him asking where did our little boy get a tic tac?  Daddy was just trying to keep him from crying with tic tac BOLD.  I don't even want to eat those things let alone shove one up my nose.  Unfortunately, his eye started to turn red, red dots on forehead etc.  We decided to go to the fire station and talk to them.  They recommended going by AMBULANCE.  I said are you kidding? is a TIC TAC!  Needless to say, Benjamin and I rode in the ambulance with Kelly and the kids following.  Benjamin just turned two and his favorite things in the world revolve around fire trucks.  Lets just say that he was in heaven.  He was strapped to the bed.  He would turned to look at me.  He would laugh and say "fire truck".   He would then wave to daddy out the back window.  I told the paramedic that I would understand the ambulance ride if it had been an Altoid up his nose….those things are curiously strong! 

Everyone is now fine.  Nothing is up anyone's nose.  I am waiting for something else to be shoved up there though……the ambulance ride was WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!!






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  1. kasey

    I know exactly what i’m getting Madolyn for her b-day, actually i’ve had it picked out for a few years now.
    I have to call Vicky and see if it is still avail!
    sorry to hear about Ben, gotta love the ride though!

  2. Bethie

    Wow, your last couple of days just got better and better didn’t they? And, I just saw you two days ago….wow! an amublance, pretty intense. All of the kids look great in the pics!

  3. Amy

    I had to skip to the end and make sure everything turned out ok – now I have the read the entire post and am laughing so hard, I have tears coming out my eyes! But the huuby won’t be handing anymore tic tacs out anytime soon!
    Love the birthday crown!!!!

  4. The Beautiful Life

    Hey You!
    SO neat to see the crown there at your sweet girl’s place setting!! I had completelyl forgotten about you ordering it some time back and I was just checking your blog for fun and –WOW– I said “I recognize that crown!” 🙂 SO glad the day ended up good for all…Who’d have known Tic-Tacs could cause so much trouble!! 🙂

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