I bet almost everyone in this country feels the same way...too much sugar!

I can't believe how much candy the kids got this year.

In the past I have even told them that I will buy them a new toy if they throw away some of the candy…it is for the best…for their teeth and my backside.

So here are my little kiddos.


Each of their costumes are so them!!! 

They couldn't wait to dress up and they were ready to head out long before it was dark.

I stayed home and handed out candy and Kelly took the kids throughout the neighborhood.

Benjamin was finished in about 10 minutes and he was ready to partake in the bounty he had received….about 20 pieces of candy…..the most the kid had ever seen!!

It was really funny how excited he was.

Every time I turned around he was stuffing his face with another piece or trying to steal some from the trick or treat bowl.


I told him that he probably should stop so he didn't throw up…he repeatedly promised me that he would not throw up…as he put another piece in his mouth.



The best part is that they all ate too much sugar last night and they have not even asked for any candy today (ok..that has changes since I wrote this).


Here are the neighbor kids.  My children love playing with this family.


The little girl's name is Aspen.  Last summer I heard Madolyn yelling, "Ass!!!  Ass!!!  Ass, do you want to play dolls?"

I asked Madolyn what was she saying and she told me it was Aspen's nickname….like how Aspen calls her Mad.

I told her that some names are too pretty to shorten:-)

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween.

I think next year Kelly and I will dress up.