Summer Art Camp For Kids {and a huge art supply giveaway}

We are only have one new online course this summer and it is all for KIDS!

Summer brings with it the promise of sunshine, long, lazy days and a slower, simpler pace we’ve all been craving.

But, if you’re a mom or grandma, it might also bring with it two of the most dreaded words in the English language:

“I’m Bored.”

Enter Summer Art Camp for KIDS! An online art class for ages 5 – adult that will allow kids to cut, glue, paint, watercolor, sketch, collage, create and stretch their creative wings, all the while kicking boredom to the curb.

Author and paper artist Courtney Walsh will take kids on a guided journey through each of the five mixed media projects, encouraging students to think outside the creative box as she leads them through each step, breaking it down in a way they will easily understand and follow.

This online course is the perfect way to bond with your child, so feel free to get in on this artsy fun, save projects for rainy days or do them all in one week, the choice is up to you! Let’s have a creative summer together, shall we?

*The class will include 5 projects with art videos start to finish.

*Each course will have a supply list and templates

*There will be extra templates for boys too!


There is also a big ol’ fat giveaway of art supplies so one lucky kid will have one over flowing art supply bin!!

(Brands in the giveaway package may differ from the brands shown)

My kids and I will be putting together an awesome art supply kit that will have EVERYTHING and more that you will need to do all of the projects.

{all of the projects could be done with cardboard, basics paints, scrapbooking paper and mod podge if you are wanting to watch your money}

**To enter to win our Summer Camp For Kids! art supply giveaway (this giveaway is not for the course) please just leave a comment on this page telling us what your favorite summer activity was as a kid**

For additional chances at the giveaways you can…

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* Blog about the course and link back to this post

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 Each time you share about the sale or this post please come back and let us know for additional entries.


Summer Art Camp For Kids is being hosted on my Creative Network!

1) To register for the class please go to to register on the site (this is free).

2) Once your membership is approved please go to the main page of the site and you will see all of the courses offered along the left hand side of the page under “Courses”.

If you don’t see Summer Art Camp For Kids please click the “view all” at the bottom of the courses.

3) Go to the main page of Summer Art Camp For Kids, click the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you are INSTANTLY in the classroom and ready for the camp to begin on June 17th.

You will find all of the content along the right hand side of the page under “Course Content”. This is where you will find your video content for the art projects (on June 17th), supply lists and teacher bio.

Tell your friends!


I would also like to announce the winners of the two subscriptions to The Artist’s Magazine!

I find creative inspiration all around me, in my daily, somewhat ho-hum life.


Nature probably inspires me most, however, taking on-line art classes always sends me to my art table! Would love a subscription to this magazine. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

If you are one of the winners please email us at and we will get you all set up:-)

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  1. Meggan Dodge

    Swimming!!! But I love me some art too! So do my kids. This art camp looks Awesome!

  2. Amy

    What a great give away! I can always use new supplies for my daughter & I.

  3. Amy M.

    Every Summer, I just loved reading. And staying out late at night and chasing lightning bugs!

  4. Sarah

    My favorite summer time activities were catching lightning bugs, eating honeysuckle and playing outside!

  5. Jodie

    My next door neighbor’s dad would gather all the kids in the neighborhood together every Friday night and organize massive games of freeze tag, hide and go seek, flashlight tag or just plain and simple red light green light. Everyone got along because we knew that if we didn’t play fair we weren’t invited back the next week. Fantastic summer fun!

  6. Erica H.

    My favorite summer time activity was catching fireflies in a mason jar and sitting them by my bed at night to watch them as I fell asleep. Now, this is my 5 year olds favorite past time, too! I just shared this class on Pinterest! Hope you have LOTS sign up!

  7. Lisa Tompkins

    I looked forward to going on picnics and going tubing in the river in Helen, GA.

  8. Tanya Poling

    I loved to ride my bike and tag a long with my older brothers. We grew up on a farm so there was plenty of space to explore!

  9. Tanya Poling

    Shared on facebook! I have an almost 4 yr old girl and a 10 yr.old boy, excited to see additional templates for boys in the class!!! The art package would be a great to win! Hoping to sign up for the class soon!! Thanks for having this giveaway! !

  10. ursula wollenberg

    Making forts in the woods around our neighborhood and waiting til the street lights came on to go in.

  11. Jennifer Bryan

    I grew up at the beach and I loved spending all day playing in the sand and the salt water, it was magical!

  12. Nanette

    Catching tadpoles at our cabin…the frogs would lay eggs in big “puddles” at the “gravel pit”…making it easy to catch hundreds!

  13. ladylyn

    My favorite summer activity as a kid was reading. My kids would be so thrilled to win these supplies! We would have SO much creative, messy fun with it.

  14. Patti butchwell

    Freedom of being outside constantly, catching fireflies, roasting marshmellows, playing with the dog, loving summer!

  15. Shannon

    OH HOW FUN!!!!!!! I’ve been feeling really pulled to make this the summer of art and I love the idea of guided tours for kids. Favorite summer activities – staying up late and chasing lightening bugs in the neighbor’s field, camping with the whole dang family (even took a kitten with us one year!) and super fresh watermelon, sprinkled with salt and eating leaned over so the juice didn’t drip in your shoes and then spitting the seeds. Such fond memories.

  16. Jean

    Playing by the creek, swimming in the cranberry bogs, walking to the candy store near our house

    Pinned and shared on Facebook!

  17. Julie

    This looks like so much fun! My favorite thing to do in the summer was riding bikes with my friends and exploring our neighborhood parks.

  18. Donna P

    I have so many memories of summer time, I can’t just pick one 😉 Playing in the sand box, playing kick the can at night with neighborhood friends, playing “club”, daydreaming, camping…. I could go on!!

  19. Monica Vermynck

    As a kid I loved to read, especially at the beach! I posted a link on Pinterest too!

  20. Erin

    I grew up in a tiny town and our local art teacher hosted an art camp each summer while I was in elementary school. I LOVED it!!!

  21. Jessica Cook

    What a clever idea! My favorite thing to do as a kid was to ride my bike all over the beach.

  22. Andi Stone Goins

    Bike riding and just being outside all day…..everyday!

  23. Amy Murillo

    LOVED spending the summers as a child up-north in Wisconsin. We had the best time playing outdoors, making do with what nature provided us to broaden our imaginations with. Thank you for a chance at your wonderful giveaway – I’m going to have our wonderful grandchildren for 3 weeks this summer, this would surely come in handy!!!

  24. Kristina

    I loved just being carefree in the summer and of course swimming was the best!

  25. Shannon

    Swimming of course and if we were going to make our way up north to visit my grandparents for the 4th of July, they used to have such fun block parties and everyone got together to play games it was a blast!

  26. Kari Payne

    Riding bikes, climbing trees, swimming, playing outside until dark… all the things that make me long for the good ‘ol days!!!

  27. Angie H.

    I loved being able to stay out late playing with the other neighborhood kids. It stayed light for so long, my sisters and I would come home when it got dark and got to play an extra 2-3 hours every day!

  28. Deborah M.

    Going to the beach. We lived down the street from Lake Erie and summers we loved to spend the day in the water or skipping rocks. My nine year old is really excited about this course. She totally loves art and wants to be an artist – well, and a horseback rider.

  29. Jenny Karp

    My favorite summer activity is waking up late and eating pancakes. Staying in our p.j’s all day watching movies and making popcorn. It helps if it’s a rainy day but if not it’s okay. We can still enjoy pajama day.

  30. Melissa Burford

    My favorite summer activity was just about anything to do with water. I loved swimming, playing in the creek, water fights and of course running through the sprinkler. In fact, at almost 40, I still run through sprinklers, especially the big ones in parks.

  31. Ali g

    So many great favorites: slip-n-slide, making mud pies, riding bikes, camping in front yard, swimming at the lakes, fishing. I could go on and on. Seems like it was simply about getting outside and making memories. Thanks for the awesome chance to win.

  32. Dawn blackstead

    I pinned on Pinterest under “giveaways” Dawn Blackstead

  33. Dawn blackstead

    My favorite summer activity growing up….swimming! That’s what I did all day every day.
    Now what do my kids love to do….. Swim!

  34. Carla B

    As a kid, summer meant family camping trips! While camping, we loved swimming in the lake, making new friends, and soft serve from the Trading Post!

  35. Jami

    My favorite summer activity as a kid was probably going out on the lake with my family. We had a big boat and my aunts would pack amazing lunches and we’d spend the entire day out there playing in the water and riding on the deck.

  36. vanessa soto

    Camping! My parents took me to an awesome campsite. It was so much fun!

  37. Dawn

    When I was a kid we spent all day outside playing and making forts. When it rained we played inside creating art masterpieces.
    What a great giveaway for the upcoming summer! Thanks for the giveaway. I have 6 little ones who love art and would love to win!

  38. Lisa

    Yes, camping! Definitely my favorite summer activity…and still is.

  39. Valerie

    I always loved summer. Swimming, camping, staying up late. My favorite summer’s though were in Branson, Mo. Nature, and the lake=Amazi g!!

  40. patty pann

    My favorite thing was riding my bike around the neighborhood and talking to the older neighbors that had dogs. I would chat and play with the dogs…sometimes they would have me walk them if the couldn’t do it. I’d put out little dog Gidget in my basket and take her with sometimes too. Great memories!! $

  41. vanessa soto

    Just pinned to my pinterest @ Crafty Lane. Ideas for kids

  42. vanessa soto

    Posted to my Facebook @ Vanessa Becerra. Can you tell that I really want to win!!
    Tumblr is next!!

  43. Gabrielle messina

    My cousins had the biggest, oldest weeping willow tree that we would play under all day in the summer. My poor aunt… we would drag every single afghan,tablecloth, blanket and pillow out under that tree. I am sure she had to go in search of linens more than just a few times under that tree.

  44. Jeanette @ Creating a Life

    I have SO many memories of favorite summer things as a kid! I think my very favorite was spending long, hot, southern California days swimming at my best friend’s house across the street from mine. We had plenty of adventures, games and creative pursuits, but being in the water was definitely a highlight.

  45. Bonnie

    Loved rollerskating in Southern California. I bought the class to watch my granddaughter create and have fun with her creativity.

  46. Edwina

    Awesome giveaway-thanks for holding it! My favorite summer activity was reading-such great memories of mellow days!

  47. staci torgerson

    My favorite summer activity was going to my grandparents home and helping them with their garden and raising quail. Loved every minute.

  48. Michelle

    Riding my bike all over the neighborhood and going home when the street lamps came on.

  49. Lori

    I loved and still love camping, reading, biking, and watching Anne of Green Gables with my mom, sis, and now my girls.

  50. Erin B

    My favorite summer activity was family camping trips……….the memories I have will stay with me forever!

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