Summer Nights



Did you instantly visualize Danny and Sandy singing?

Who has sung that song at karaoke night?

Admit it…OK….if you aren't going to tell the truth than either am I!

For some reason this week feels like we are finally on summer break.

We have been busy cleaning out our house for a big neighborhood garage sale, me busy with the flea market etc. and this week we have just played.

We have been seeing lots of friends and going to the pool.

Nothing says summer to me as much as sitting out back with Kelly and the kids at night.

I just love it.

The air is cooler, the kids are laughing and playing (occasionally fighting) and Kelly and I are relaxing and catching up on our day.

My favorite part of the night is when the sun starts to set.

The lighting becomes so amazing and almost magical.

It casts the most incredible glow over the whole yard.



We were watching Benjamin play in the yard with balloons and I had to run and grab my camera to try and capture the way the balloons were catching the sun.


What is your favorite thing about summer nights?

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  1. laurel

    Your blog is lovely! Glad I happened upon it! I also love the summer evenings here in my little corner of the planet. We sat out on the deck and roasted marshmallows tonight in fire pot and made s’mores. Children running around til past dark, with dirty little feet and then freshly bathed and snuggled away . Then, thankfully, some time for me to sit in the dark night lit only with paper lanterns .It is just the best part of summer.

  2. Wella, wella, wella huh ~ tell me more….tell me more…..
    Now that you have placed that song in my head for the day ~ I *thank* you! I too love summer nights ~ taking to the deck after supper and just enjoying the yard and my flowers. I wander around, deadheading, pulling a weed here and there and just feeling content with the world. Dusk usually forces us back in the house as the mosquitoes can just about carry you away. But then we can head back out and look at the stars ~ listen to the crickets….ahhh ~ I love summer!!

  3. The Beautiful Life

    Summer evenings here usually mean strong thunder/lightning storms which I love. Those say “summer evenings” to me, having lived in the Tampa area all my life. You can set your watch by the powerful storms, super loud thunder and incredible lightning storms that start to crank up at about 4PM and are usually over by about 7PM or so.
    Though by this time of the year it has already gotten too hot for sitting outside with family during the evening (it’s usually still in the high 90’s with 90% humidity even at night), we do enjoy the stormy evenings inside — even when the power goes off and on a lot. πŸ˜‰
    Your yard looks soooo beautiful!! And little Benjamin looks so cute running around in his sweatshirt with a handful of balloons! (He would NOT be wearing that shirt here!). πŸ˜‰
    What a magical time for you all — the evening times outside AND these times with your kiddos!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Shelley Overholt

    I love sitting on the back porch with friends and family while the kids chase fire flies. They are so thrilled doing it. They quite their video games, fighting and “I’m bored” attitudes and enjoy being kids. There is no little league baseball stress at this time. I love this simple thing in life that is free and only comes along during the summer time:) ~Shelley

  5. anne marie

    what a view you have!! Jeanne…that first photograph would look awesome framed…even in b/w – and added to an invitation for your child’s birthday party – or even summer gathering!!!
    I need to play more – can I come over?

  6. Amy Muffoletto

    Summer nights truly are my favorite. Seeing the kids with dirt and sweat all over their face means they are having the best time. Love that boys curls….you just like rubbing it in…..hehehehe…..just kidding! Hope you have many more fabulous summer nights. Hugs,Amy

  7. Debbie

    Good morning Jeanne!I just caught up on your blog. Lovely pictures and lovely thoughts…and yes, Danny and Sandy are singing a tune to me now. I love summer nights. They sure bring back sweet memories of childhood. I hope your day is as lovley as you, Jeanne!
    Love to you friend! Debbie

  8. Janel in Omaha

    I did break out into song when I saw the title of your post. Summer nites are the best!

  9. I Love Pretty Little Things

    I am such a Summer Girl! One of my favs though are the sounds. Kids laughing and screaming, crickets, cars, sometimes the wind. It all sound so beautiful and peaceful to me!

  10. the domestic fringe

    Well, we haven’t got any summer nights yet here, but I love the relaxed and casual feel of summer. I enjoy just sitting outside and watching all the kids gather. It’s fun just to listen to their chatter.

  11. Lindsay Lee

    I am sure you get this question A LOT but you use a canon rebel right? Did you use a special lens to take the photo with the balloon? JUST gorgeous! LOVE your work!

  12. mkg

    Your photos of Ben, the balloons and the setting sun are just great! I was reminded by your words that I need to get outside more:) Love it!

  13. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Oh girl those are magical pics. I didn’t realize those were balloons until you said so. How cool! One of my favorite things about summer is all the lushness. I just want to scoop in all the greens and blues. It makes me soooo happy.

  14. Suz Reaney

    Beautiful pictures, Jeanne!
    I love sitting out n the back yard with friends and talking until all hours…which is about midnight these days! I miss having a younger child on summer nights. They would run from yard to yard playing night games, just as I would when I was little.

  15. Laurel

    Those are great photos – summer means days in the pool, nights playing outside after summer, and smelling like sunscreen.

  16. rachel

    Lovely pics! Wish we could go outside here without melting…even in the evening!

  17. Molly @ Star Cottage

    Lovely pics!
    My goodness I just had to do some major catching up on your blog. I’ll blame it on third trimester craziness. πŸ˜‰
    I Definitely need to stop in more often. I am always so inspired and uplifted when I visit.
    I hope you have a fabulous trip to france. WOW!
    Love the songs on your playlist by the way. Many Blessings from the Lord Above,


    hi jeanne!
    i just love everything about summer nights!
    i am 50 times more relaxed on a summer evening where i can walk around the yard…pull some weeds….watch the kids swim…get ice cream cones for the kids….sit on the patio….talk to the neighbors.
    i love it all.
    and when the kids go to bed they are so tired they fall asleep so fast!
    it’s perfect.

  19. Suzen

    There is an abandoned lot adjoining our back yard and at night the fireflies are out, silently winking and floating about. And at Squam, I saw a beautiful Luna moth on our screen! Sometimes when I can’t sleep I will get up and go out on the deck at 2 or 3 AM and just lay down and look at the stars and the vastness of the Universe.

  20. LuLu

    You captured gorgeous images of a summer evening!! Summer evenings and early summer mornings are my favorite…. last night i took a walk with my kiddos to walk their friends home from being at our home all day… plopped down on the front porch at their home with their mom and poured a glass of wine…. talked for an hour… walked home it was 7:30PM and realized we hadn’t had dinner yet… love summer!!!
    Early mornings when the house is quiet I have it all to myself to just drink my tea and look out the window before the official day begins.
    enjoy your summer days,

  21. Leah C

    Summer nights are the best…love that magical, evening glow! And now I have the soundtrack to Grease running through my head, thank you very much:)

  22. lisa

    I was over a year into your blog and made myself stop to leave a comment. Your blog made my whole day. But now I can’t stop humming…hmmmhmmmm hmmmmhmmmm hmmmmm and a hug around the neck…seriously. I was painting something and was like, “where did that come from?” Oh, yeah…I’m in April 2009…can’t stop.

  23. Julie

    looks beautiful there! My favorite thing about summer is being in the sun and having no schedule. So it doesn’t feel like summer yet here. πŸ™‚

  24. Martha

    what beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! So glad you are enjoying summer nights…my favorite is sitting outside at night…absolute favorite! I didn’t do much of it this week and I’m missing it!

  25. Kara

    The smell of the BBQ and being able to sit in my backyard and enjoy a good meal from my garden with my sweet family. We are usually tired and sun soaked and still a little wet from the pool or the beach. I love the feeling of having no time restraints, nowhere to be, nothing that has to be done right away. The dishes can wait, baths aren’t necessary, and bed time is extended until we feel like wandering upstairs.
    Those pictures are beautiful. I remember that view.

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