Did you instantly visualize Danny and Sandy singing?

Who has sung that song at karaoke night?

Admit it…OK….if you aren't going to tell the truth than either am I!

For some reason this week feels like we are finally on summer break.

We have been busy cleaning out our house for a big neighborhood garage sale, me busy with the flea market etc. and this week we have just played.

We have been seeing lots of friends and going to the pool.

Nothing says summer to me as much as sitting out back with Kelly and the kids at night.

I just love it.

The air is cooler, the kids are laughing and playing (occasionally fighting) and Kelly and I are relaxing and catching up on our day.

My favorite part of the night is when the sun starts to set.

The lighting becomes so amazing and almost magical.

It casts the most incredible glow over the whole yard.



We were watching Benjamin play in the yard with balloons and I had to run and grab my camera to try and capture the way the balloons were catching the sun.


What is your favorite thing about summer nights?