{Beware…HIGH photo content}

I have been wanting to have a summer party with some of my local friends for years.

I knew the only way I would actually follow through was to invite some of my out of town friends to join us.

You can’t bail on a party when people get on a plane to come.

I threw out the invitation to some of my favorite gals that lived all over the US and hoped that someone would be free.

Lucky me that some were.

Once I had friends coming from out of town I began sending out invitations to local friends.

Not evites:-)

Real stamps were used in the making of this party.

It was such a fun night of good food and drinks, wonderful company and even cuddling up at the end of the night and having an outdoor movie.

I didn’t take any photos this night but luckily some of my friends are wonderful photographers.

Enjoy a glimpse into our night.

I would like to add before we begin.

Learn from me.

Do NOT try and get ready 15 minutes before you company come when you have been sweating all day like a pig.

You will NOT look your best. Ever!

Carry on…..

{the big splurge for the party was to hire the Funky Brewster to make all of our lattes and cappuccinos..yum}

As the sun set the beautiful glow of the candles and the white lights on the trees made the most beautiful light.

Everyone grabbed another latte or hot chocolate and we got ready for an outdoor movie.

With blankets keeping us warm we watched “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

It was a wonderful night.

About 35 of my friends were able to make it and it make me feel so content to be surrounded by such amazing women.

Lucky for me the party went the whole weekend because of my out of town guests.

Tracey, Traci and Jen had traveled to see me and my dear friend, Amy Jo, was able to hang out all the next day.

{All photos were courtesy of Tracey, Traci and Jen…thanks guys}

We shopped, ate good foods, watched movies, talked and laughed and laughed some more.

All of my kids slept on our bedroom floor and generously gave up their bedrooms for my special guests.

My husband kept the kids busy and gave me the sweetest gift of time (uninterrupted) with friends.

It was an amazing time and sweet time with friends.

I am blessed.

I wish I could have had each one of you at the party.

On a parting note….

{Anyone else curious why my face looks all jacked up and Tracey still looks beautiful??? hmmmm}