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*THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED* I am so happy to announce the winners of the @electra_bicycle and basket/bell from @toteandkarishop! The winners are @ginapierce and @oxfordcomma.etc. Thank you to everyone that entered here on our blog, on Facebook and Instagram. We had the most fun as a team reading your stories! It brought US so much joy!


Joyride Bike Giveaway! Whether it is someone we know personally or someone that reaches out to share privately with me online…many are struggling right now. After one such correspondence we were on a bike ride as a family and I kept mulling over what the person had shared and my heart just ached for them. I was riding and praying and thinking. Riding a bike is one of my favorite things in the world. You are truly present in the moment, out in the world, alone with your thoughts, wind in your hair, moving, and I dare you to ride a bike and not have a smile on your face. No matter where we travel (and of course here at home) I love to hike and ride bikes. Riding a bike makes me feel giddy and like a kid. Then an idea came to me. I kept it to myself for a few days and then brought the idea up to Kelly.  What if we share this JOY we have of riding bikes with others? First, I would say if you have a bike in your garage that you need to dust it off and start using it. If you already ride regularly I know you know what I am talking about. If you do not have a bike we would like to give three Electra Cruiser 1 bikes away. We have teamed up with Tote and Kari to add a bell and basket for each of the three bikes! THANK YOU Tote and Kari! This is the bell and basket that I have on my bike and I LOVE them!

The first bike is already being delivered this coming Saturday and we will be shipping the other two bikes when the giveaway closes on August 28, 2022 @ 11:59 pm MT. . The giveaway is open to the 48 contiguous states. Once the giveaway closes we will order the bikes and they will be sent directly to the winners and Tote and Kari will ship the winners a basket and bell.  This giveaway is not associated with Instagram or Facebook. This is not sponsored by Electra.

You can enter the JOYRIDE bike giveaway by doing one or all of the following and each action below is an additional entry.

1 Tag friends that you know would love a JOYRIDE! Feel free to raise a hand if YOU would love a JOYRIDE!

2.Leave a comment sharing your favorite bike story

3.Go follow Tote and Kari and thank them for being so awesome! https://www.instagram.com/toteandkarishop

4. Share this giveaway. https://jeanneoliver.com/take-a-joyride-electra-bike-giveaway/

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    1. Mardi

      My daughter (Faith) and I road our bikes across the Mackinac bridge in Michigan! What a great time and memory!

  1. Joanie Ellis

    My favorite bike story is short and sweet! It was when I was a young girl, I think around 5 years old, give or take a year! I rode my big tricycle( not the small ones) down our driveway, not on 3 wheels, but two!! I think my dad captured that on a very old camera that was developed on a reel to view on a projector that we watched on movie nights!.. I think I like that story because not only was it fun to ride my bike that way, I remember my Daddio telling the story of me riding it! Not a grand story, but it’s special to me!❤️

  2. Deborah Todd

    This is so awesome! After having to recover from two surgeries in the last 6 months, it is time to get moving and be outside again! Thank you for the chance to do that! ❤🚲❤

  3. Collese Dahlberg

    I left a story on FB about one of my more memorable bike rides. Most of my stories are about crashes😂

    At my age riding on a more level surface allows my to experience that goofy, almost embarrassing grin with wind, well breeze, in my hair as I no longer ride fast enough to create wind.

    On the FB page I tagged my best friend- she doesn’t ride, but I wish she give it a try.

    My hand is raised 🤚.

    The kindness and concern you showed the the person that reach out to you warmed my heart. Thank you for always being so caring and genuine.

  4. Laura Coblentz

    I’d love a JOYRIDE. I also tagged my daughters on FB and am sharing this contest!

    Riding a bike is one of my most favorite things. I love riding trails or just out in the open. The trees all around and the smells of nature permeate the air. The freedom of flying on a bike makes the stress of dealing with a mother and daughter with Alzheimer’s disease fade into the greenery around me…. for those moments, life is peaceful. For those moments, I can breath and I don’t hear my mother saying, “Everyone looks different, can you tell me who you are?”.. I have no ache of being forgotten, of worrying about the future. In the moments on a bike, I’m am the little girl riding on the streets of Mt. Morris wondering if this is what it would feel like to fly like a bird…. It’s my escape.

  5. Nina Bagley

    In another lifetime (nearly 40 years ago), the boys’ dad and i rode our bikes all across europe for five months, camping along the way and meeting some extraordinary people who welcomed us into their homes and onto their land. I long for the days when i can hop back on a bike again and ride easily, knees not keeping me from the many steep hills that surround the cabin. This is a very loving and generous thing for you to do, but I am not surprised! You have a very loving, Godly, giving heart that blesses all who follow and know you… thanks for this opportunity for everyone!

  6. Sandra Oppenheimer

    I would be so thankful for a chance to win a bicycle. I am 70 years old and a widow. I have been lost since widowhood . I lack joy and wonder if riding a bike would give me that childlike joy that I remember having when I rode a bike in my childhood. There was nothing better than feeling the air blowing against your face and blowing your hair . I owned a turquoise huffy to which I added coon tails to the handle bars. God bless everyone in this bicycle contest.

  7. Elaine Rusk

    I want a Joyride again like I did when I was younger. My bike was red with a seat on the back for my daughter. We rode all over town. It was so much fun. I need that fun again.

  8. Syed Rizvi

    I have been diagnosed with a life-long auto-immune disease that affects my spine, ribs, and hips. Would be so lovely to get a bike and improve my mobility. Cant walk long enough. This would be real help since other bikes are difficult to ride with a bent-down posture.

  9. Nancy

    Last year we traveled to Dauphin Island with our bikes in tow. We enjoyed riding around the island. My grandkids enjoyed being pulled behind my bike in their bike wagon. Fun times!

  10. Marsha Clark

    I would have to say my favorite bike story is actually a brag on my husband. In order to stay fit after retiring from the Navy he decided to be bus, ferry, bike commuter for his job in Seattle every day. Rain, shine, sleet or whatever, he would put his bike on the front of the bus near home and take it to catch the 4:45AM ferry. Once in the city his ride varied, dependent on which location he was assigned to, from 3 to 6 miles each way. He did this for over 20 years. We are now retired and would love having Ebikes to continue our journey together!

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