I love furniture. 

No, I REALLY love furniture. 

I try not to bring my husband with me when I am looking for furniture because he always points out the obvious…where is it going to go!  That has never concerned me.  I WILL find a place. 

 It usually results in him moving the furniture, rearranging the furniture and at times putting other furniture on Craig's List.  

 I had to show you my new purchase. 


I called my husband at work to pretty much beg for this chair.  He agreed (without seeing it) and even picked it up for me.  I know there will be some computer equipment in his future now. 


I adore this chair. It is everything I love in a piece of furniture.  It is first of all beautiful. It has amazing detail. It is unique. It is functional….that last one is not high on my priority list! 


So, for this beauty to come home with us, the chair that was in its place was moved to our bedroom.  The chair in our bedroom was moved into the hall.  And if a friend doesn't come tonight and pick it up it will be going on Craig's List this weekend….see how that all worked??