Meet Crystal Marie

Crystal Marie is an artist, an author, and a creative life coach with a passion for teaching others how to recover their own unique voice. Her process is intuitive, which, she says, is simply the truest, most authentic version of her own voice. Following her intuitive knowing has been the foundation of Crystal’s career as an artist, when in her mid-30s a happenstance encounter with a stranger handing her an art magazine was all it took to awaken that long forgotten place inside. Today Crystal has an established career as a professional artist with gallery representation, one book published on the art of collage (The Art of Expressive Collage, North Light Books, 2015), and is currently writing a book about overcoming creative blocks as an artist (Recovering Your Intuitive Voice: An Artist’s Guide to Silencing the Inner Critic). Crystal has exhibited her work in many fine art exhibitions, solo shows, and events. Crystal was the recipient of a fellowship award and feature exhibit with the internationally recognized Racine Art Museum in 2018. She teaches workshops online and locations across the US.

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