Meet Debbie Miller

Debbie is a late-bloomer when it comes to painting, though her family and friends would probably say that she has always bloomed in other creative ways – making beautiful spaces, offering hospitality, designing colorful and tasty meals, and dabbling in a variety of crafts that let her amass shamefully huge stashes of yarn, fabric, and mixed media art supplies over the years. After several decades as an environmental consultant to state and local governments, she decided to follow her heart into the helping professions. Now she is a licensed mental health counselor, spiritual director and creative depth coach, in addition to being a passionate artist and art educator. Debbie’s journey into painting really began in March 2016, when she took a course in abstract floral painting from Lisa Daria Kennedy, who introduced her to the Daily Painting Movement. She discovered – at 58 years old – that if you practice something every day, you really do get better (and have more fun). Debbie and her artist husband and creativity co-conspirator, Brian, were hooked! In their first 4 years as Daily Painters, hey have each completed over 1,400 paintings; and they can’t imagine their lives without this rich discipline. Debbie has a heart for helping people discover the ways in which they are creative take steps forward in expressing that creativity. She believes that art is source of joy and beauty and delight. But it is also a sacred storyteller that can help us heal and grow as individuals and communities. You can find out more about Debbie and Brian on their joint website:

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