Meet Kristi Beattie

Kristi has been creating in one form or another since she can remember. She spent 20 years as a Facilities Planner in the commercial interior design field. She now pursues her passion for abstract art full time. She is the wife to her husband Tim and mother to two young boys. Kristi was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado but now resides in Tallahassee, Fl. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Colorado State University. She paints intuitively and with energetic marks and vibrant colors expresses her feelings of bravery, joy & bold optimism. Her art journey is about staying present in the moment and experimenting how to physically express bold unapologetic freedom & joy. I explore these feelings in my art using vibrant colors, geometric shapes, energetic marks & composition. Her hope is to inspire others to follow their creativity.

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