Meet Lauren Rudolph

Creativity has been the purest connection to my inner and outer world for as long as I can remember. As a child I sat and drew constantly my favorite subject of choice, faces. There is something about a portrait that pulls me in. I am fascinated by emotions and the human experience. My desire is to feel a complete engagement with my subject and tell their story. Being an art teacher combines both of my loves, creativity and connection. I have taught in both public and private school. In 2011 I opened a home based studio for children called the Little Light Art Studio. The name was inspired by the gospel song, “This Little Light Of Mine” which expresses the truth that we all contain a light within that is meant to shine. I love to teach private lessons, courses online and in person. I am so grateful to teach classes at a wondeful agency who’s mission is to support and provide many services to people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Art is my true life force expression. When I am in the zone and my energy is flowing, magical things happen. I feel at peace, open and whole. I feel very blessed to do this work and to be an artist. My life like my art is a work in progress, ever evolving. I look forward to where the path may lead.

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