Meet Robin Dudley-Howes

Nationally known mixed media instructor,designer and published artist, Robin Dudley-Howes was recently described by the creator of Glitterfest Los Angeles, Sheryl Simpson, as “The little lady with a gypsy heart and skills of a ninja master”. Robin is owner and operator of Dudley-Howes Designs and online store Her inquistive creative side came out around the age of 5 and continues to be the passion and driving force for all things artful which currently extends to teaching and creating mixed media jewelry, art dolls, assemblages, painting and creativity in general. You’ve probably seen her work in magazine publications such as Somerset Studio, Jewelry Affaire and Somerset Studio Gallery along with recent articles in Art Doll Quarterly and a feature how-to of her Santos Cage Doll on the cover of Cloth, Paper, Scissors.

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