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I’m Sheila Atchley. I’m an artist-author, wisdom-chaser, preacher’s wife, and silver-haired ordinary mystic. I have a semi-empty nest, and six adorable grand-wildlings. And I over-use the hyphen. While I am equally drawn to words and art, words are my defining first love, and a big part of my art form. I’m here to encourage you with paint, prose, and poetry. One of my passions is the middle age woman. This beautiful season of life is under-celebrated and under-valued. Middle aged women often feel stuck and limited, and do not get enough support, by and large. I aim to change that, when and where I can. I believe that, just like Abraham and Joshua of scripture, “everywhere the soles of your feet tread shall be yours…the Lord will extend your boundaries…”. Middle age is a vast and gracious “promise land”, to use a Biblical metaphor. This “promise land” is where many of us now find ourselves walking; it is a land where the potential fruit is enormous if you are willing to slay some giants. I’m busy doing just that, in my personal life, in my art, and in my writing and speaking ministry. I want to help you extend your boundaries, and to inherit what’s yours, in every season. After all, if we encourage the women, we encourage the world. So sit down, relax, and please overlook my hair (it is its own light source, my apologies.). Let’s talk about the things that really matter, and laugh about the things that really don’t.

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