Meet Sofie Strasser

Rebecca Sower | Teacher

Sofie Strasser is an Austrian printmaker, illustrator, and designer. Born and raised in
Salzburg (AT), at 16 she attended a nearby college for Wood- and Stone Sculpture for 4
years before she moved to Vienna to study design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
She graduated in 2005 from the masterclass of Paolo Piva with a master degree in Industrial
Design. After founding her own design studio and working on many design and illustration
projects in Austria and Sweden for a couple of years, Sofie found her second home in New
Orleans, LA, where she ended up living fulltime for 4 years. She still spends a few months
there every year to get inspired by the spirit of this magical city and spend time with her
friends and chosen family. After moving back to Austria in 2015 Sofie has focused her work
entirely on illustration and printmaking. She now works as a fulltime artist, mostly in Vienna
and sometimes in New Orleans.
Sharing her knowledge and experience in printmaking and illustration is part of Sofie’s
approach to art. She holds workshops and classes in Vienna and has a busy Instagram feed
(@sofie_strasser) where she regularly shares her work process and interacts with her
followers. Teaching an online class with Jeanne Oliver is a new experience for Sofie, and
she is very excited to become part of the team of great teachers here on the site.

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