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Tania Bain is a part-time mixed media artist and incurable daydreamer.With a diploma in graphic design, she has a great foundation from which to practice her art. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband and their seven cats. When she is not painting, Tania works part-time as a photographer’s assistant, food and lifestyle stylist. Her job is to ensure that the food and interiors to be photographed are camera-ready. Tania has to be constantly thinking on her feet, being one step ahead of any situation and coming up with solutions when a problem arises. A typical day at work can be anything from photo editing, building a set, finding the perfect backdrop or surface to shoot on, re-arranging furniture and even making the coffee or sweeping up the mess after a shoot. She gets to travel around the country, meet interesting people and see places she would never have imagined in her day-to-day life. Tania worked in the patchwork industry for 10 years teaching patchwork and quilting. With a passion for nature, especially birdlife, she used to paint mostly South African birds for the tourist industry. Then in 2003 Tania decided to go back to collage and further her tertiary education, obtaining her diploma in graphic design. She worked in the industry for almost seven years before entering the exciting world of photography. In September of 2013, Tania by chance discovered mixed media art and the endless supply of online art courses to feed her creative heart and soul. Tania loves to discover new and interesting ways to showcase her art and recently started using fallen tree branches and pieces of dried wood, picked up in the forest, as her canvas. “Life is full of adventure and new discoveries every day .. we just need to keep our eyes and minds open and embrace the talents and opportunities God has given us.”

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