1. All of the things that made me weird growing up are now the things that make our life and business.

I was the kid making up plays, gathering the neighbors, writing poetry under a tree (no one needs to read those), writing songs, designing clothing and randomly calling the airlines to see how much it would cost to fly to California.

Being a creative kid in a small rural town can be hard. Sports were king and I really did try to go along and buy into it. I would also be the first to say that I loved playing on a team and what I learned from playing sports all of those years…I just wasn’t being truly and honestly me. Weird doesn’t seem so out of place anymore.


2.Keeping my eyes on my gifts and calling and not worrying what others are doing. Cheer them on but don’t feel like that has to be any part of my journey. This is my very favorite.

There are so many good ideas in this world and so many beautiful people walking them out but they are not all for me. People can even want them for me but they are not.

The sweetest gift is seeing someone doing something amazing and I can acknowledge it but feel no pull in my spirit to jump in too. I am now so clear in my own purpose and gifts that there is just rest within me! This is the best feeling!


3.Trust my gut. Period. I am usually really close to right about collaborations, people, experiences, and business decisions. Even at 47 I can find myself being very aware that an experience or collaboration is not right for me but trying to talk myself into it because XYZ. It may look good on paper but if my discernment of the situation is saying differently I need to listen. There is a difference in feeling some fear about a new adventure and intuition letting me know something is not right in this situation. It is learning to trust myself and not feel like I need to explain.


4.I am responsible for how I handle anxiety and worry. I am a worrier and when I am not taking care of myself with rest, exercise, good food and clear boundaries I can have anxiety. I am responsible for each of these things above and it is my job to know myself. It is my responsibility to know what my mind and body needs to give our life and business exceptional results. A friend shared this year that that saddest state for a person to be is lack of awareness. I want to be aware of myself and why I do what I do. I also want to be aware of what things look like with me when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed so I can make better decisions.


5.I will disappoint people, I will hurt their feelings, I will say and do the wrong things and these same things will be done to me. We all make mistakes but if someone will not come to the table and sit face to face to discuss it nothing can be done. I can forgive, learn from it and move on but any kind of relationship is not possible without authenticity and vulnerability. Talk!


6.My truth is not necessarily your truth and we are missing out on deeper connections as long as we don’t see that. We have too many wakeup calls around us to ignore the truth that being different from us is not bad or wrong. What I don’t understand gives me an opportunity to learn, open my eyes, open my mind, and open my heart. I want to see others all around me and truly see them. I do not want to walk through the rest of my days thinking my way is the only way or my truth is everyone’s truth.


7.Consistency beats perfection all day long. A huge part of my business is helping artists say yes to filming an online course for the first time and also consulting with creative business owners. It is hard to put yourself out there and it takes a lot of vulnerability to do it with your art or your business. Doing things while scared is normal. Doing things when you worry you might fail is always a possibility when you are doing something worth doing. I have never launched anything perfectly but I learn more each time and make each offering better. If I waited for perfection to launch a new online course, live workshop, or other ideas I wouldn’t have a business because it doesn’t exist. Start before you are ready and show up each day to make it better. It will be the greatest gift you give yourself and your creativity!


8.Dream even bigger. As a family we design up crazy amazing adventures, ways of supporting one another and then figuring out how to make it happen. I love that we have created a business that allows us to pursue our passions and purpose. Our business has become a bridge to the life we want to live and not a barrier. Big crazy dreams don’t scare me anymore. We will either accomplish them or dream up a new idea on our journey.


9.Our business relies on me taking care of my creativity. In all of the things that others have been hired to do on our team, my creativity cannot be done by anyone else. My learning, exploring new techniques, writing an article, planning an online class or live workshop, painting for myself, or just being in my studio is crucial for my creativity to thrive and in turn our business. This is my priority each day. It gets the best of my day and not the afternoons when I am tired. The afternoons are perfect for emails, paperwork, phone conferences etc. If I do not honor the creativity that built this business then no one else will.


10.Quiet and rest is not a luxury but a necessity! No one can thrive in business or life without taking care of themselves through movement, creativity, quiet, good food and stillness. I always hear the Lord so clearly and ideas flowing freely in the quiet and rest. You can find this in nature, walks, mediation, creating and so many other areas. I encourage you to sometimes do your favorite activities without music, a podcast or any other distractions. It is addictive when you see how much we are not hearing because this world is so loud. Be quiet, rest and allow your heart and head to connect.