10 1/2 years ago I watched a man walk into a bar and whispered to my friends, " I would like you to meet my future husband".  Six months later we were married, two years later we had our first of three children and now ten years after saying "I do" I would say it all over again.  I have the life I have always dreamed of.  I have the beautiful material things of life, but that is not what I am talking about.  I am talking about a man that loves me and our children with his whole heart.  There are no words to accurately describe what that does for your soul as a woman.  I am respected, loved and cherished.    

It is funny sometimes the things that makes you love another person even more than you thought you could.  I love that he makes us breakfast every morning he is home, he has a fresh pot of coffee waiting for me almost every morning, that he never gets mad when I ask him to roll over because he is snoring :-), he washes my car, he is always willing to help me with anything I need for my business, he really, truly plays with our children and he is a little bit of a kid himself, he can fix anything, he has built shelves for hundreds of my books all over the house, he respected his father and his heart was broken when his father passed away, he thanks me for staying home with our children and because of that my children thank me too……..I could go on and on, but what I really mean is that he just takes care of us and lets us know that we are more important than anything else in the world.  

Kelly and I just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary while we were vacationing in Napa.  It had been the first time since the birth of our youngest (now two) that we have had this kind of time together (thanks mom).  We had such an amazing time…you forget how much you need time away.  We flew into San Fran and spent our first day getting a massage and then heading down to Los Gatos. One of our friend's brother owns and is the chef at Manresa in downtown Los Gatos.  I have been to nice restaurants before, but this one blows all the others away.  The service, setting, presentation and food was beyond amazing.  We are still talking about it.  If you are ever in the area please check it out and be prepared to enjoy every second of it. 

We spent the rest of our trip in Napa, St. Helena and Sonoma.  We really just relaxed and took our time.  We didn't have much of a plan and it worked out great.  This was our third time to the area and we just really loved driving around in a convertible (a car we would never have with three small children) and enjoying each other and the great weather.  We had a picnic lunch at a vineyard, did a little tasting, ate great food, shopped and then shopped some more and had a massage almost everyday we were there :-)  I really felt like we were helping the economy on this trip! 






I can't wait to spend the next ten years with you Kel!