Is is summer yet?

Jack is still finishing up his math so I can’t officially call it summer until that boy wraps it up.

Jack may not be done with his math but I am pretty excited to launch the first of many mini courses in my Creatively Made Home Summer Series!

This coming Monday, June 17th, The Art of Seeing {a photography class} begins.

Cathy Walters is an accomplished photographer (and our personal family photographer) and the instructor of the course.

Cathy will share her favorite tips to get better photos from your fancy camera or you phone camera.

She will help open your eyes to all of the ways to capture those around you in the most creative way!

We all want those unique photographs that capture our children, families, pets etc. and we want to hold on to those memories…Cathy will help you do that.

Here is a peek into what Cathy will teach in her course…

1. how to pay attention, set an intention for the summer, and avoid the traps that trip us up in the process

2. my favorite apps, supplies, gear, software, and online stores that I use on a daily ?basis.

3. basic DSLR info and ways to get out of the dreaded auto mode

4. portrait tips and guidelines

5. a few photo projects that can really help document who YOU are, and ideas for what ?to do with your images when you are done.

6. a very long inspiration list of photo ops to get the creative juices flowing

I wanted to make this series affordable so you can take as many of the courses as you want.

This mini course is only $10 and you will have access for 6 months!

This is also the perfect class if you have a child with a creative photographic eye.

If you want your child to take their photography to the next level I know they would love it too.

Class starts THIS coming Monday!

I can not wait to see you in class!

To register click HERE.

If you are brand new to my creative network please follow these simple steps to sign up for this class and any of the other summer series courses.

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4) Pay and you are in and ready for class

4) All of the details are on the page and you are all set.

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