As long as I can remember I have wanted children.

When Kelly and I got married I wanted four.

When I would see a mom holding hands with two kids…and then the dad holding hands with the other two kids I would say, “THAT is what I want”.

Kelly on the other hand would mumble something about those parents being outnumbered and that didn’t sound like such a smart plan…or something like that:-)

After we had Jack and Maddy I knew Kelly was so happy with the size of our family.

I was still hoping for more.

There were a few years in there with a lot of tears.

It is hard when one is content and one wants more.

This is especially hard when you are talking about children.

When Maddy was a little past three we got pregnant with Benjamin.

I had never had a rough pregnancy and this one was hard.

I was really sick and finally had to be put on medication.

I can laugh about it now… but there were many days that I would be in bed (unable to move without throwing up) crying now because I WAS pregnant!!

I was so sick that Kelly worked a lot from home those first months.

You know that a baby is going to change your life.

You know that you are going to love even more…because you have felt your heart do it before.

You know that your family will never be the same and you are all glad for that.


We didn’t know how loving this little boy would be.

We didn’t know how much he would make us laugh on a daily basis.

We didn’t know how big girls and little girls alike would swoon over him:-)

We didn’t know what a stinker he would be.

We didn’t know all of the tender words that he would lavish on all of us.

We didn’t know what we were missing.

Happy birthday, Benjamin.

I know they say it all passes in a blink of an eye.

With tears in my eyes I now know that to be true.

I swear….truly swear…that you were JUST born!

Five years have gone so fast.




I thought we had a deal.

You promised to stop growing two years ago….what happened?



A few years ago Kelly made me a video with photos of all of the children..he used the song “Let Them Be Little”. Β It seemed perfect to play it along with Benny’s post.

I hope you find it as sweet as I do.