The best days are the days babies are born

As long as I can remember I have wanted children.

When Kelly and I got married I wanted four.

When I would see a mom holding hands with two kids…and then the dad holding hands with the other two kids I would say, “THAT is what I want”.

Kelly on the other hand would mumble something about those parents being outnumbered and that didn’t sound like such a smart plan…or something like that:-)

After we had Jack and Maddy I knew Kelly was so happy with the size of our family.

I was still hoping for more.

There were a few years in there with a lot of tears.

It is hard when one is content and one wants more.

This is especially hard when you are talking about children.

When Maddy was a little past three we got pregnant with Benjamin.

I had never had a rough pregnancy and this one was hard.

I was really sick and finally had to be put on medication.

I can laugh about it now… but there were many days that I would be in bed (unable to move without throwing up) crying now because I WAS pregnant!!

I was so sick that Kelly worked a lot from home those first months.

You know that a baby is going to change your life.

You know that you are going to love even more…because you have felt your heart do it before.

You know that your family will never be the same and you are all glad for that.


We didn’t know how loving this little boy would be.

We didn’t know how much he would make us laugh on a daily basis.

We didn’t know how big girls and little girls alike would swoon over him:-)

We didn’t know what a stinker he would be.

We didn’t know all of the tender words that he would lavish on all of us.

We didn’t know what we were missing.

Happy birthday, Benjamin.

I know they say it all passes in a blink of an eye.

With tears in my eyes I now know that to be true.

I swear….truly swear…that you were JUST born!

Five years have gone so fast.




I thought we had a deal.

You promised to stop growing two years ago….what happened?



A few years ago Kelly made me a video with photos of all of the children..he used the song “Let Them Be Little”.  It seemed perfect to play it along with Benny’s post.

I hope you find it as sweet as I do.


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  1. Mikal

    Oh man, crocodile tears while reading this. So, so sweet, but oh-so-true…. I swear mine were just born too! And they are all much older. Enjoy the day, and give Benjamin a big birthday cheer from me.

  2. mgriffin

    I loved reading your post! What a precious time in your family’s life…and my how the days have flown by. I loved seeing all the photos again…I love you and Kelly and those precious children:) Happy Birthday sweet Ben!! I wish I could be there to watch you blow out your candles and open your gifts and play and laugh all day long with you.

  3. tracey

    It’s easy to swoon over him that’s for sure! Please give him 2 thumbs up and a smootch on each adorable little cheek from me :)) Happy birthday Ben! p.s. why do you look so pretty while in labor and just after giving birth??!! I looked like a haggard mess…



  4. Brandie

    Wishing Benjamin the absolute happiest of birthdays!!!!!! My Benjamin is 9 and you are so right that the time just flies. I do have to add that it is completely unfair for you to look so good right after giving birth;)

  5. Traci

    awwwww. happy birthday sweet benjamin. love the photos jeanne. and the song…. i have to go now. i am about to blubber.

  6. amy

    love that boy! great pictures, jeanne! how can i play the song?? yes, i do remember him making that. i’d love to hear/see it again!

  7. Riki Schumacher

    One of the sweetest, warmest and most heartfelt posts I have ever read. Just fabulous. Happy birthday to a special boy. Riki

  8. Jeannie-JB

    So sweet – such a lovely family. Blessed are the days when your babies are born and the first thing you see in the morning are there sweet little smiles (even if they’re 21 or 35 and sleeping over at your house). Have a fantastic, wonderful day with your delightful family.

  9. Paula

    How wonderful to read the title of your post today, the day I became a grandmother! My first grandson was born this morning, and I am reliving the euphoria of those days when babies are born. Nothing like it! Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Amanda A Sweet Life Rocks

    Wow, ummm, I am crying and I have never even met your little guy. The heart of a mother can understand. My middle one is 5, and with you, I think I had her yesterday.
    I love the pic of you sleeping in the background and your kids posing with the new baby and your husband.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Simple Daisy

    New reader here…..what a sweet and lovely post!
    They sure do grow up fast:)

    ps…i’m having a little give-away on my blog. Stop on by if you get a minute:)

    Take care and enjoy your sweet little family!!!

  12. lissa

    jeanne~ you look so content and happy in these photos. I found myself smiling looking at your happy face. You would never know you were sick in this pregnancy by the photos! What a pretty girl you are.

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