Ok…I know you have been waiting anxiously for the next installment of the Farm Chicks show weekend! 

Did you just cheer? 

I want to start off with the three things I would have bought in a second if I wasn't traveling on a plane.


The table was my favorite color blue, pine top and on casters….only $225!

What?  That is insane!!!!


I am not even a fan of pink.

This would have been amazing in my workspace to store all my goodies that I use on projects.

Girls…..$250….serious!  Everyone was going crazy over it and they raised the price to $300.

So funny….but it would still have been a good deal.  I cried a little inside to walk away from it.


I have saved my most coveted table for last.

How amazing is this? 

Obviously that lady didn't know I was taking this picture

 and that you all needed a clear view of the merchandise.

$1,400…and worth every penny to me. They better have thrown in the stool for that price!!


Part of what made the whole weekend so much fun was hanging out with so many girls that had such a great sense of humor! 


Only Kim could wear a huge headband, apron and tutu and look adorable! 

OK…back to the amazing treasures at the show.

There was truly beauty everywhere you looked.

Picnik collagea






Such a sweet moment for me was being able to meet my friend Lissa for the first time.  I love her heart and her love for the Lord.  I wanted to cry when I met her, but I was in front of so many people.  I wish I could have spent more time with her but she was there with family and friends

 Isn't she a beauty?

I was so glad that there was at least a moment to get a quick photo with the three of us (including Kasey).

I was so busy being overwhelmed that I didn't take as many photos of the incredible…I really mean INCREDIBLE booths.

 Even if I hadn't bought one thing I  would loved seeing all the detail that the vendors put into their spaces.


Amy Smith from Goosey Press was so sweet and her space was darling.



Beth Quinn is just as sweet in person and her booth showcased her jewelry perfectly!! She traveled with her sister-in-law from Arizona. I had met Beth about a year ago and it was so fun getting to know her better.





This was the first booth I saw when I walked into the show.  The sign alone stopped me.  This is the booth of Lisa Souers and where most of my money went.  She was my first and last purchases! 

The icing on the weekend cake was the invite only party hosted by Chaps, Queen of Tarte and Barn House.

BH boys

Every detail was stunning.  The evening was a perfect way to end our trip.

A group of old friends and new friends…laughing and truly content! 

It was a special night.

I did not (foolishly) bring my camera this night.  Only mistake of the weekend!  All photos are stolen directly from Mimi Charmante AKA Kim.  For a better description of the beautiful evening please go to her site.


By now I know that you realize that even though I brought home some incredible treasures…the best find of all were so many new friendships!



I also want to answer some clothing questions. 

I have been getting tons of emails the past few days asking me where I got my clothes that I wore on the trip. 

 The shirt dress was from a small boutique in St. Helena California. 

The outfit I wore on the day of the fair was Anthropologie shirt and boutique linen skirt. 

 The dress I wore for the party is from a small boutique in St. Charles, Illinois called Sage Creek.  The brand of the dress is Saga. 

 You guys have sent me the sweetest emails about the clothes….we all just like to dress up don't we?!