Since everyone is putting up their Christmas trees early we might as well get our hearts ready too!
Melissa AuClair has created a FREE holiday series with so much inspiration and encouragement for this time! It begins today!
I am so honored to be included and to share a little bit about how we decorate for Christmas but more about the power of opening up our homes to others. It may look way different this year but that is just an opportunity to love in whole new ways!
Step into the holiday season excited, prepared, and full of anticipation!
  • Discover fresh & fun creative gifts ideas like Erin’s ‘Merry Mailbox’ sign and Sheila’s elegant watercolor recipes you can make from home {Great gift idea}!
  • Do you spend most of the season making Christmas amazing for everyone else? (We do it). Spend some time experiencing the wonder and joy of the season. Keep your light burning bright all season long to help beat holiday fatigue.
  • Get a head start on preparing for Christmas, identifying who you want to spend the season and what you want to do + downloadable guides to help you organize, plan, and prepare.
  • ​Enjoy the benefits of a retreat (full length tutorials) from the comfort of home. (and with your ticket you get access for 7 days)!
  • ​​Enjoy your traditions plus learn festive & fresh ways to decorate, create, make, cook, organize, and inspire from other women who love the holidays like you do! Full length classes from each presenter.