Day 1-The Set Up

Kasey, Beth and I all arrived at our hotel after midnight.  We stayed up too late (caffeine and talking).  We had an early morning getting to our set up location for the fair.  The weather was clear and hot, but perfect for getting everything unloaded.  We worked all day and right when we had our tent PERFECT we were told that rain was expected that night and the following day.  PANIC…..our tent was water resistant not waterproof.  FREE TIP…buy a waterproof tent for all outdoor shows…you can thank me later!  We had to go out and buy tarps to place inside the roof to (hopefully) keep the rain out.  After many more hours of storing items in plastic bins we ate a little Mexican, drank a little more Margaritas and collapsed into bed.  We went to bed hoping that all of our products were safe in the WATER RESISTENT tent!

Day 2-Prepare The Ark

We were hoping to wake up and find that the weather man was wrong…we were not so lucky.  We arrived a few hours early to fix up the space and make sure everything was fine.  There was already a long line of people waiting to get in and it was pouring rain.  When we opened the tent we had water leaking throughout the tent and the tarp had water pooling all over.  FREE TIP….bring lots of alcohol to a show….you can thank me later.  Amazingly enough we were able to have the space looking beautiful in time for the opening.  Wet…but oh so pretty.  Even with the rain it was our best day.   People were lined up to see our things. We eventually were able to take the tarps out of the inside of the tent and lay a clear plastic over the tent and we never had anymore problems with leaking.   We were also so fortunate to have the opportunity to have out tent  between The Farm Chicks and McMaster and Storm.  They were so much fun to spend the four days with.  I miss you guys already!





Day 3-The Heat Wave

On this day we didn’t set the alarm correctly and Beth says (while Kasey and I are sleeping) “Is that really the right time?”  We immediately woke up and said “What time is it”?  She unfortunately answered…”7:30″.  We needed to be at our tent at 7:30 to get everything ready for a 9am opening.  You have never seen three women get ready so quickly.  Fortunately we are all naturally stunning and don’t need showers!  FREE TIP…bring your own alarm clock to a show….you can thank me later.  We got ready in TEN minutes and raced to the fair.  Our things were nice and dry this day.  We had a great day and how could we complain about the heat when the alternative was the day before!  At the end of the day we went back to the hotel and got ready for dinner with some of the other shop girls.  It was so much fun talking, supporting and laughing with one another. 

Country_living_2_028 We had great food and wonderful conversations! 

Countryliving04   Don’t even ask……

Day 4-Are We On The Titanic?

This day was supposed to be more relaxing.  The show didn’t open till 10am and the last day is usually the slowest.  Things did not go as planned….when we got to the truck it had been broken into for the GPS.  FREE TIP…buy yourself an Atlas…you can thank me later.  We still were at the show on time and everything was going great.  I actually had to leave early to catch my flight.  When I got to the airport they suggested that I don’t take my flight that was connecting through Chicago because of the weather.  I decided to go back to the show and take a flight early the next morning.  I should have stayed at the airport!!!!  When I got back to the show the winds had picked up.  Tents were being ripped out of the ground and we knew we needed to start packing up our things.  I would like to paint a lovely picture for you.  The day eventually had 23-78 mile winds, tree branches were falling down all around us, trees were falling on cars, trash was blowing everywhere, we saw the paramedics running to help people and we thought our tent was going to come undone at any minute….I think you get the picture.  As this was all going on there was a square dancing group singing and teaching people to dance.  This had been going on, off and on, for three days now.  As we were frantically trying to salvage our product and tent they kept coming up to use asking if we wanted to learn to square dance?????  Beth finally said to us, “It is like we are on the Titanic….they know we are all going to die and they are going to play the music till the end”! FREE TIP…find out where the square dancing will be going on and stay away…you can thank me later. It took hours to get the truck in to load everything.  The sweetest part was that Kara, Matt (her husband) and Darcy from McMaster and Storm would not leave until our things were on the truck.  They waited an extra hour or more (after they were already packed up).  WHEW…that was it.  Even with all of the drama it was awesome.  We are dead tired (still), but we made wonderful new friends, laughed A LOT, sold a TON of our items and over all had a great time.  I am not sure we ever want to do another outdoor show, but we learned a lot!


My new BFF..Amy Butler.  OK, I made her take a picture with me.  I would like to add that if she didn’t think I was psycho she WOULD want to be BFF with me!