Funny as this kids talk about Grandma's popsicles for the entire year.

The thing that really makes me laugh about this is that it is just frozen grape juice on Tupperware sticks that we had as kids. 


Have I told you guys lately how much I adore this child?



Jack and Madolyn spent about 99.9% of their time….HERE!


Three years ago they built a tree house and when they come to visit they rarely come down. 

This year they thought their tree house needed carpet so they put moss all over the boards and then put a blanket over it.  It was so gross and funny!


One of the few pictures of Jack in the farm posts because he rarely left the tree.

Picnik collagea 

Who is not happy eating chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows????


We spent one afternoon in St. Charles with family and I was able to finally meet my cousins beautiful baby girl.  This photo is at the bookstore and cafe.


There is something about evening sun that I just love so much.






Down the road from my parent's farm there is another farm that I am ready to move into.  I love the house, barn and especially the silo.


Picnik collageb

Picnik collagec 

We love to go to a nearby park to play, ride the carousel and paddle boats.  This year I got the slowest one ever and probably burned 4,000 calories just trying to move that sucker!!

Picnik collaged 

After the park we headed to Union Dairy for a little sugar…except me…I had sugar free.  Not as good as real ice cream.

The ice cream shop is right across the street from where the Lincoln/Douglas debates were held.  I just wanted to throw in a little history for you!

We had a wonderful time with my parents and the time went too fast…like always. 

The kids played HARD the whole time. 

Played outside ALL day and came inside looking like homeless children.

They would go back right now…but I need a year to re-coop from the drive.