The Final Markdown

It is time to say goodbye……

to the Elaine, Louise, Betty, Gracie and Lila.

{originally $89 now $38}

Each of these dresses have been marked down for the last time.

{originally $56 now $22}

We just marked them down this morning!

Not many are left.

{originally $76 now $36}

Everything is ready to ship immediately.

{originally $92 now $38}

These prices INCLUDE the shipping. CRAZY!!

{originally $68 now $32}

All leather cuffs in stock are also marked down!

You can find everything in the SHOP.

I will see you on Wednesday for “I will show you mine {if you will show me yours}”.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

I am only going to show you what is in my purse…sheesh!

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  1. Sherrunry Hicks

    Jeanne, for two years I had been really doing research and wanting a big girl camera, I finally got one for an early Mother’s day last week after two whole years of blogging with my iphone… I immediately popped over to your shop to get a camera bag…….since I have several things that I adore of yours very well made. And ……..they are all sold……no I said no no no… I have to know will there be any more runs or how soon is the next line coming out? I want to hold out and not buy just any ole camera bag but I do have to have a bag if you are not having any come out in the near future…help from a bagless broad!

  2. mgriffin

    I’ll be sorry to see this lovely line go, but I’m always eager to see what you are working on next!

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