The Hair Vote of 2012 {Dun Dun Dun}

I get more comments about my hair than almost anything else.

It is actually quite amusing.

I was starting to get worried that when I cut it I was going to get a comment like Amy in Little Women, “Jo, how could you, your one beauty!”

Thank goodness I didn’t get anything like that…yet.

So, a few weeks ago I put up a silly collage on my business page asking people to vote for the hair cut I should get.

The collage was made up of photos of hairstyles I had found on Pinterest.

Here were the choices…

I brought the above photo to the salon and we talked about the choices.

I told her which cuts got the most votes.

The people on the business page voted for #6 and #4 the most.

I was actually up for it.

My last big cut was four years ago and it was this….

When I talked to my stylist she told me that my hair is so thick and heavy (it seriously is) that it would take a lot of thinning out to get my hair to look like #4 or #6.

The only other one I was really considering at that point was #3.

It probably doesn’t look like it from the collage photo but it was a big cut.

Not as big as the others I was considering but she did cut over 8 inches, layered it a ton and thinned it out.

I have to tell you that while I was getting my hair cut I got text after text either from friends or Instagram friends begging me not to cut my hair.


My stylist was like, “Who ARE these people?”

I told her just my awesome peeps with short hair:-)

So here is the after…..

Do I look like Jennifer Aniston?

Just joking.

I did have a stylist once tell me that even if she cut my hair like the photo I gave her…I would’t look like the actress.

For real.

Did you really think I was banking on that?

I was just hoping she had a woman go crazy town after a hair cut that didn’t make her look like Cindy Crawford or something and the stylist now just gave a blank FYI to everyone.

At least that is what I am telling myself.

I would like to say that the new cut may never look as awesome as it did right after the salon but that is why I am thankful for my curls on normal days.

What has been your worst cut?

When I was late high school my mom took me to her stylist.

That should have been the warning right there!

I watched in HORROR as she unwrapped my perm.

I Β HAD long hair.


As my mom is paying I am looking at her like, “LOOK AT MY HAIR…WHY ARE YOU PAYING THIS CRAZY WOMAN….I LOOK LIKE A POODLE!!!!!!!”

Or something like that.

My mom didn’t get my meaning through all my weird eye contact, proceeded to pay AND tip and we went to the car….

Where I proceeded to have a mental breakdown.


Mental. Breakdown.

I believe there MAY have been some convulsing going on.


I believe the crying went on for hours and there MAY have been old photos brought out with the long hair.


Oh my gosh.

I am so scared of Maddy’s hormones and the crazy #$%@# things she will put ME through.

Mom, I am SOOO sorry!

So, so sorry.

You shouldn’t have paid that lady though.

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  1. Karen Cannon

    I, too, got a frizzy perm once that was so bad I swore that I wasn’t leaving my house until the curls fell out! I came home from the hair salon and promptly washed my hair several times as if it was going to wash out! I’ve never been so miserable!

  2. Alicia @ La Famille

    I was one saying, “don’t do it!!!!” I just wish I wouldn’t have. It takes too long to grow back πŸ™ Last night I had my little 4yr old practice with me…”What do you tell mommy if I say I’m going to cut my hair short again?” “I say, ‘no mommy, you won’t like it.'” Gotta get that hair support system. YOUR hair though looks great! I love the long layers.

  3. Anne

    LOVE your new cut Jeanne! I wish I could pull off long hair but I don’t have the face shape for it.I did have it long when I was a kid but I hated it then but wish I could have it now!
    I have had two horrible haircuts.One was when my parents were trying to save money and they cut my hair.They are the worst school pictures I have.It looks like I cut my own hair that is how bad it looked.
    The second was right after I had my daughter I felt like I needed a little change.I wanted to go to a new stylist closer to home.I asked to have the owner cut my hair.Thinking that I was going to a new place I wanted someone more experienced.
    When you walk in a room and the look of fear comes over everyone that looks at you and then they say what happened to your hair you know you got a bad hair cut.I knew it when I saw it in the mirror.I wanted to cry and put a box over my head.Bad enough your self esteem is low after having a baby….feeling a bit fat and all.And then to get a bad hair cut it was just terrible! I am a hairdresser I guess I should have cut my own hair.Now that I know how to do it I would have had a better hair cut that time for sure if I had done it myself.!
    Happy New year!

  4. Lori

    I think we need to see a picture of the poodle perm now ~ my interest is piqued! My worse cut ever had to be the surf ~ that was the fancy name for it looks like you put a bowl on my head and cut! Thankfully that was back in the late 70’s and a girl named Farrah came into our living rooms ~ we all ran out to get curling irons and voila ~ the surf became the best hair cut ever ~ now we could all have wings! Love the hair ~ I think I had voted for #4. Happy New Year Jeanne!

  5. Pam

    I had one of those meltdown haircuts as a senior in High School. I was working outside that summer at a local amusement park. My hair was SUPER long and I had a spiral perm. The last time I had short hair I was maybe 6! I told my stylist I’d like to cut it to my shoulders, since it was so heavy and hot working outdoors. I proceeded to take my glasses off (I am HORRIBLY near-sighted) and she turned me around and began cutting away. I could feel it getting lighter and lighter. After she dried it of course it shrunk from the curls even more and lets just say it was not shoulder length but almost ear/chin length! When I put my glasses back on and turned around I felt all the blood rush out of my head! I was mortified!
    I got in the car and literally sobbed like a baby with no pacifier for at least a good hour! It took me until the end of my senior year to finally grow it back out. I never cut it above my shoulders again until the year after my son was born. I voted for #6 b/c that is the style I have now and I love it! The best of both I call it! I do love what you went with though. You’d look great no matter what style you chose!

  6. angela

    I love your cut!! I actually think it looks better than Jennifer Anniston’s. I had a nightmare perm once too, you know back when they smelled like rotten eggs. I was probably 7th grade and I have natural curl but not the way I wanted so I got a was so kinky, absolutely horrible. I spent the next week with my grandma and she said I would wake her talking in my sleep abt. Shirley Temple, which would be a cute curl now but so not cute in the 7th grade!!!

  7. Carol Mountford

    Well firstly, thank you for photos I am taking No 6 to my hairdresser! You can wear long or short and look good! I also had one of those frizzy perms in the seventies! Saw my reflection in the glass in the train on the way home and went back to have it made less frizzy!

  8. Susan

    Love your do!

    OMG How funny and sad about your haircut. I am feeling guilty because I had that same experience with my daughter. We had just moved to a new town and oh my what a disaster! She is your age and still has hair issues and blames that stylist. Funny and yet …………

    Love your blog, btw.

  9. Suzen

    Jeanne, I love your cut and I think it will look really good when your hair starts trying to do what it used to do. (You know how it does that, the stubborn thing.) The really short one–just not you. I think you are going to love this the more you wear it. Oh and BTW, Jennifer Anniston has about 10 hairdressers buzzing around her at all times. Who needs that??? Did you know she has a line called Living Proof?

  10. Suzen

    You know that just doesn’t sound like I meant it. Your hair looks good now and will also look good later is what I actually was getting at.

  11. Carol

    Jeanne, I can so relate!! I, too, CONSTANTLY get comments from people that want me to cut my hair (at 59, I still wear my hair long….it just suits this old ex-hippie!). Anyhow, what is it??? I mean, alot of them have short haircuts that I really don’t like, but I never say anything nor do I suggest to them to grow their hair long. Oh well, just something I’ve learned to let go in one ear and out the other! I think, like you, I was tramatized at a young age with Toni Perms!!! Your new cut looks great (it’s still long!)! Hold strong girlfriend! πŸ™‚ (BTW – I’m brand spankin’ new to your site and course and am loving it!!)

  12. Lisa W.

    Your new cut looks wonderful!!! This being from a hairdresser herself…yours truly:) AND I too have VERY naturally curly hair SOooooooooooo I know ALL about the bad haircuts. I have had a few myself when I was young. I wear mine in a very stacked short bob. Get tons of compliments, BUT the best is when I do get a cut every 5 weeks and my hairdresser blows it out straight, MAJOR treat as it is a ton TON of work, but I can make it last 2 days. Thats why I pay so much, but nothing worth more than a good cut, and allot of their time:)

    I think you look so stylish…love it!!!

  13. Christina

    Looks Great! Good choice. I kept trying to grow my hair out because so many women have pretty long hair and I thought I would look good too. I came to the conclusion this fall that I am born to have short hair. No longer will I struggle trying to pretend I could have long flowy hair. Nope. Short sassy hair for me.

  14. tracy hankwitz

    Your hair looks great! Love the long layered look on you. What a fun way to start the new year – with a new look πŸ™‚ BTW – I had the same perm/poodle disaster when I was in 8th grade, but worse – it was my mom’s friend who gave me the perm! She started crying when I started crying! Then I felt bad for making her feel bad. Happy New Year!

  15. Nancy Melbourn

    Love the new look. I too like #4. I’ve been looking for a new look and well, I am contemplating cutting off a lot after growing it out for years. I once coloured my hair red (or my hairdresser did) and well, it was horrid. So to dull the color, I used that soap mechanics use to get grease off their hands to wash it. I wouldn’t recommend anyone do this, but it worked.

  16. Karen Hanley Taylor

    Love your new cut! Perfect look for you! pretty. I have thick curly hair and have to fave it thinned. Of all my hair disasters, there is one that really stands out. I got a new cut and color before I was due at work. I was supposed to go from auburn to a more natural brown w auburn streaks. Well, it was a failure. My hair was too short and a gothic black. My bangs were burned and broken off by the color. The stylist put some gel on them and “pasted” the poor little nubs to my head. She spiked my hair from ear to ear over the crown of my head. And the tips were red, red. When I got to work at a behavioral health center, I had to facilitate a new women’s groups. I walked in looking like the Staute of Liberty on fire. Good ice breaker for a group of women.

  17. Tina

    LOVE the new haircut! Look out b/c I know Jennifer Aniston is heading to her stylist with YOUR pic and wanting to look like you! Really! πŸ™‚ I’m growing mine out….. ugh, what an ugly process.

  18. constance

    the new hair is a winner! looks pretty.
    i wish the stylist could come home and do it for us-
    the work and the straightening is in the 2 handed blow dry πŸ˜€ right?
    harder for us ~

    (thanks for the great video below.thanks…)

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