I get more comments about my hair than almost anything else.

It is actually quite amusing.

I was starting to get worried that when I cut it I was going to get a comment like Amy in Little Women, “Jo, how could you, your one beauty!”

Thank goodness I didn’t get anything like that…yet.

So, a few weeks ago I put up a silly collage on my business page asking people to vote for the hair cut I should get.

The collage was made up of photos of hairstyles I had found on Pinterest.

Here were the choices…

I brought the above photo to the salon and we talked about the choices.

I told her which cuts got the most votes.

The people on the business page voted for #6 and #4 the most.

I was actually up for it.

My last big cut was four years ago and it was this….

When I talked to my stylist she told me that my hair is so thick and heavy (it seriously is) that it would take a lot of thinning out to get my hair to look like #4 or #6.

The only other one I was really considering at that point was #3.

It probably doesn’t look like it from the collage photo but it was a big cut.

Not as big as the others I was considering but she did cut over 8 inches, layered it a ton and thinned it out.

I have to tell you that while I was getting my hair cut I got text after text either from friends or Instagram friends begging me not to cut my hair.


My stylist was like, “Who ARE these people?”

I told her just my awesome peeps with short hair:-)

So here is the after…..

Do I look like Jennifer Aniston?

Just joking.

I did have a stylist once tell me that even if she cut my hair like the photo I gave her…I would’t look like the actress.

For real.

Did you really think I was banking on that?

I was just hoping she had a woman go crazy town after a hair cut that didn’t make her look like Cindy Crawford or something and the stylist now just gave a blank FYI to everyone.

At least that is what I am telling myself.

I would like to say that the new cut may never look as awesome as it did right after the salon but that is why I am thankful for my curls on normal days.

What has been your worst cut?

When I was late high school my mom took me to her stylist.

That should have been the warning right there!

I watched in HORROR as she unwrapped my perm.

I  HAD long hair.


As my mom is paying I am looking at her like, “LOOK AT MY HAIR…WHY ARE YOU PAYING THIS CRAZY WOMAN….I LOOK LIKE A POODLE!!!!!!!”

Or something like that.

My mom didn’t get my meaning through all my weird eye contact, proceeded to pay AND tip and we went to the car….

Where I proceeded to have a mental breakdown.


Mental. Breakdown.

I believe there MAY have been some convulsing going on.


I believe the crying went on for hours and there MAY have been old photos brought out with the long hair.


Oh my gosh.

I am so scared of Maddy’s hormones and the crazy #$%@# things she will put ME through.

Mom, I am SOOO sorry!

So, so sorry.

You shouldn’t have paid that lady though.