are awards for all sorts of blogs, but no one ever pays enough
attention to the shelter blogs, so we started The Homies. It's our way
of surveying the blogosphere each year for the best new home design
blogs and sharing what we find.
It's not so much a competition as a celebration of the richness and awesomeness of shelter bloggers around the world. Join us, share your favorites and check out the ones you don't know.

are five categories and none of our blogs or past winners are eligible.
The prizes? $50 to the winner of each category and lots of traffic as
we publish the five winners in a big congratulatory post across our
network on January 6th. We want to elevate good home blogs, see who you
love and gain awareness for the home niche.


Isn't that what blogging is all about? 

I feel so blessed by the amazing women I have met through blogging.

The daily source of inspiration and unexpectedly….sweet, sweet friendships.

Nothing thrilled me more during the month of December than receiving so many beautiful Christmas cards from the women I have come to love.

So whether you vote for my blog or another favorite of yours…go here….and encourage and support all those lovely blogs that inspire, encourage and support you!