The Jeanne Oliver Podcast Episode Fifty Four | The Lies of Perfectionism with Sandi Hester


The Jeanne Oliver Podcast

In this episode Jeanne is talking with artist, generous teacher and amazing you tuber Sandi Hester. Sandi has created a world of color and art in the midst of health issues for many years. This conversation dives deep into the lies of perfectionism and how perfectionism can disguise itself.




Sandi Hester had her first painting lessons around her grandmother’s kitchen table during long summer visits in the countryside of Franklin, Tennessee. Her grandmother was a pottery artist and first exposed Sandi to the feel of a loaded paintbrush sliding across a surface. For Sandi, the subject, color, texture and enjoyment of the creative process are very important.

“I’m always aiming for a looseness – a suggestion of what’s really there. I try to capture the beauty of the scene and the feeling of color and warmth instead of recording the details of the scene. I’m not interested in the exactness – I’m interested in how it makes me feel. Painting this way tells you more about the image or scene than when grasping for the details.” – Sandi Hester



Episode Summary

Podcast 054 | The Lies of Perfectionism with Sandi Hester



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