The Jeanne Oliver Podcast Episode Fifty Nine | The God Artist with Roma Waterman


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In this episode I am talking with award-winning songwriter and author, Roma Waterman. In this discussion we talk about when dreams aren’t lived out the way originally thought, and the beauty that comes when new dreams arise.  The true environments you really need when creating and how our art be a form of worship. You will leave this discussion ready to fully see how beautifully you have been created and excited for how your gifts can be used.



A mainstay in The Australian Christian Music ministry, Roma is the author of Releasing Heaven’s Song, The God Artist, The Handbook for Working Singers and Amazon No1 Best Seller “Creative Identity – Carving Your Angel in the Rock”. Having recorded 7 albums or original music she has toured the world as an independent artist. She is the founder of The Melbourne Gospel Choir, a vocal coach and session singer for TV shows including The X-Factor and The Voice, and has won several songwriting and performance awards including The Gospel Music Associations Honour award for outstanding contribution to Christian music. Roma also runs an online school “HeartSong Creative Academy” which includes a yearly mentoring program called HeartSong Prophetic Alliance, which trains thousands of students around the world in all things prophetic, creative and worship.

Along with her husband Ted, they are the directors of Sounds of the Nations Oceania. SOTN is devoted to raising up artists to worship in their own authentic style and sound. Roma travels the globe leading worship, teaching, speaking and songwriting.

Episode Summary

Podcast 059 | The God Artist with Roma Waterman



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