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Kennesha Buycks has traveled the road of stay at home mom, furniture restorer, blogger, author and now using her platform to talk about race.

Join me for a podcast that shows what is possible when we say yes to the small things so we can later be prepared to say yes to what is next.



Episode Summary

I this episode Jeanne is talking with designer, author and blogger Kennesha Buycks about humble soul saving beginnings, finding your purpose and learning to use your voice for yourself and others.

Episode Notes

Episode 5 | Restoration House with Kennesha Buycks

On this episode, Jeanne talks with Kennesha Buycks, a friend and collaborator who Jeanne admires for her honest and raw journey.

2:35  “I was in a really dark season of my life, I’d experienced a lot of loss, and was dealing with a lot of grief.”

2:52 “When you feel like you are not going to come out of that season— #1. You will, and #2. Find something that is just yours.  Which is what I did.”

6:39 “I always think that God gets our attention with our love language…”

8:58 “I was never meant to be this one dimensional type of person, none of us are.”

13:22 “I think anytime you share what’s authentically in your heart it is so raw and so vulnerable, you have to just let it be what it is.”

14:29 “There is this collective idea out there somewhere that because I wrote this book that I somehow arrived at some place…”

15:43 “There is such value in recognizing that with every season of life, every home, that you’re probably going to have to go through it again…”

17:51 “I’ve discovered through this business more of who I am, and how much more impactful this has been because of that.”

18:11 Spot for Creatively Made Business

21:28 “I never felt like I needed permission to be who I am from anyone but God…”

25:01 “There were a lot of black women who [in response to my blog post about race] said ‘Thank you for raising this point, thank you for opening this conversation…”

26:18 “The most engaged people are is when I talk about the connection between race and home.”

28:17 “We can really make changes right now, if we choose to, in who we are sharing and what we are looking at, and that’s doable…Who are we cheering on, who are we promoting?”

31:10 “When I say ask the hard questions, I don’t just mean talking to someone who’s not like you, I’m saying introspectively turning the mirror on yourself and asking ‘Why do I feel this way?’”

32:32 “What comes out of our brokenness and the recognition of that brokenness is that you heal, which is beautiful and whole…”

37:21 “When I feel the calling for something and I have have no idea where it’s going to lead me, but if I follow my gifts and my passions, it will lead to my purpose…”

Kennesha Buycks is the creator of Restoration House–a home and lifestyle brand + blog focusing on creating spaces that fulfill beyond the aesthetic and that speak to the restorative aspects of home.

A Southern transplant to the Pacific Northwest, she has a passion for connecting others, gathering, and inspirational styling and design. When Kennesha is not busy being a wife to her amazing husband or a mama to her four kids, she spends her time writing, blogging, and encouraging others to live life uniquely and with passion.


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