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In this episode, I am talking with artist, author, and teacher Deanne Fitzpatrick. For 6 podcasts we are doing something really special and different. Deanne and I have each chosen three topics that are relevant to us right now. These talks are between two friends that cherish the heart of the other and we hope you will join in the conversation too. In this episode we are talking about keeping a light for yourself and others.



“Each time I make a rug, I create a new design. In many of my pieces I tell stories or express ideas about the world. In my work the thing that matters most is making great rugs. I hook nearly every day. I cannot stop myself, I like the feel of wool slipping through my fingers.

I have learned that craft and handmade can totally change the way you view the world. I believe that I have helped as many people by teaching them how to hook rugs and embrace their own creativity as I would have as a therapist, a career I began in my twenties.  My style of rug hooking, with its meditative qualities, and its freedom from rules adds beauty to our world and is therapeutic on its own. It is joyful, powerful and transformative. It is not about being perfect, it is about creating beauty everyday.

In addition to hooking rugs, I love to write. I have written seven books about rug hooking and creativity and I recently released, Meditations for Makers, featuring daily meditations for rug hookers.

I love land, especially fields. I find that a bunch of scrub and brush are beautiful things. It changes all day long with the light and I love to depict this in my work. My goal to live simply, and make hooked rugs that are unmistakably art.” Deanne



Episode Summary

Podcast 048| Keeping a Light with Deanne Fitzpatrick

“I do feel that we all have to keep a light for ourselves and that we have to keep a light for others.” 3:33

“Well to me it goes back to one of my key things, “How do I want my life to look and feel?” 4:45

“Do our actions line up with what we say we want?” 6:18

“I think you really have to ask yourself, “What do you want your life to mean?” And I think when you’re answering that question honestly and positively, you are keeping a light.” 7:40

“It really taught me something to stop and give things pause and rest and room to figure it out.”14:29

“Are we aware of the things that we do that are maybe even causing more of the problems that we’re dealing with?” 18:24

“In your role and in my role, we’re keeping a light for others too.” 19:21


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