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In this episode Jeanne is talking with baker, gatherer, author and The Pie Queen Tara Royer Steele. Tara shares about the lose of her mother and how that started a ripple effect of generosity that also helped her step into her calling in new ways. She also shares what she needed during the grieving process, how to love people well in the midst of grief and how to invite healing.


Tara Royer Steele also known as The Pie Queen has been in the pie business for 36 years. When she was 12 years old her family moved to Round Top, TX & took over a little ole cafe in the heart of the square. That cafe is now known world wide as Royers Round Top Cafe.

She’s married to her knight in shining armor Rick Steele & together they have 2 boys, Brayden & Bentley. It has always been a dream for Rick & Tara to work along side each other which they do very well & often you will find their boys jumping in to help as well.

Tara & Rick opened Royers Pie Haven in 2011 which is located in Henkel Square in Round Top, they also have their wholesale HUB called Bake Shop at All Things Acres which is located  in Brenham, TX. Last year they started shipping their pies & baked goods. You can order them on their website or at

Tara’s dream has always been to gather people through Jesus, Pie & Coffee, she often says PIE is just what gets the people in the door! It brings her such joy to be able to gather people & share the love of Jesus. Her passion to help people is what drove her to start their non profit Gather ’N Grace which aims to help everyone get to God’s best for their life. You can find out more information at

Tara also wrote a book Eat. Pie. Love which is an illustrated devotional with recipes. Her book has hit #1 best sellers in Pie Baking, Thanksgiving cooking, & religious books on Amazon & continues to hit record sales. You also can find Eat. Pie. Love at your local Cracker Barrel and select Barnes & Noble.

You might have seen her recently on The Today Show with Hoda & Jenna,  LIVE with Kelly & Ryan, or on The Food Network show: Food Paradise, along with a few others. Royers Pie Haven was also just named one of the top bakeries in the South by Southern Living.




Episode Summary

Podcast 068| Eat. Pie. Love. with Tara Royer Steele

1:27 “God used pie in our life, and we knew nothing about pie. And through all of that, I have a pie shop and we have a bakery, which is our commissary kitchen. But it really has evolved into events and gatherings and retreats and feeding His people.”


7:39 “So “the gathering” is really (at the Pie Haven) just another tool to create a safe space for people to know Jesus well.”


13:48 “My mom taught me creativity. She taught me to just open up my door and let anybody in and feed them. And she taught me about spending lots of money on shoes. Don’t do that one.”


16:34 JEANNE: “If you know someone that has lost their mom, be a person that checks in on them. Just to say, what are you doing? How are you doing? Because it is a huge void.”


28:37 “I’m pulling myself down, but God’s like, listen, hey, I want you to jump out of that bucket and go bold and go scared.”


29:03 “Quit saying I’ll pray about it. I’m not saying don’t pray. Don’t get me wrong. But if God’s telling you go do something good, then go do it. Break those prayers down into, okay, could you explain for me what the next step is?”


31:38 JEANNE: “And I think when people are grieving, to say to them, “let me know if you need anything” is the worst thing that you could say, because they’re not going to let you know.”




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