The Jeanne Oliver Podcast Episode Sixty Five | Overcome What Overwhelms You with Trina McNeilly


The Jeanne Oliver Podcast


In this episode I am talking with author, speaker and lifestyle blogger Trina McNeilly. Just living life we are bound to experience pain, anxiety and worry. When that comes how can we learn how to navigate life’s hardships so we come out of the other side more healthy and whole? We all have experiences we can’t get out of walking through but how can we learn how to do it well? Get your notebook and pen ready because this is a good one!



TRINA MCNEILLY is an author, speaker, and founder of the popular lifestyle blog, La La Lovely, where she has been sharing matters of the heart as well as design-related finds for over a decade. Hailing from a third generation newspaper family, Trina is right at home writing, editing, selling ads, and publishing.

Trina’s work also includes The Lovely Podcastspeakingart direction, styling, design projects, and freelance writing. She has been featured in the New York Times, Moody Radio, The Land of Nod Catalog, Design Mom: How to live with Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide, Apartment Therapy, and Style Me Pretty Living. While she has done a lot of writing on the topic of decorating homes, Trina’s true passion is helping to bring the message of finding our home in the person of Jesus. Her heart’s desire is to introduce others to the love of the Father. Through Him we find our identity and a full life that can start in even the emptiest of places.

Trina lives near Nashville with her husband, Stephen, and their four children.

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Episode Summary

Podcast 065| Overcome What Overwhelms You with Trina McNeilly


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  1. Raina

    WoW!!! I had so many aha moments. Thank you Trina. I just bought your book. Couldn’t stop myself 😊
    And thank you Jeanne for the great questions.
    I just finished a wonderful mindfulnesstraining where I became aware of the Observer in me. To be with that awareness and overcome the fears and anxieties that kept me from participating in my life. It’s a process though.
    It’s great to meet souls who also are on this journey of participating or learning how to.

  2. Raina

    I couldn’t find dr Chatterley’s podcast. But maybe I spellen the name wrong. Could you share the full name? Thank you.

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