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In this episode Jeanne is talking with artist Kelly Rae Roberts. Last year Kelly Rae made the decision as successful working artist, best selling author, extremely successful licensed artist, creator of workshops that sell out immediately to say goodbye to Instagram and Facebook. During this interview we talk about the impact this decision has had on her business, life, creativity and relationships. This is not be be missed if you feel that you have to be highly engaged on social media to have a successful business.



Self-taught artist and entrepreneur, Kelly Rae Roberts, believes in the power of possibility. A former social worker, Kelly Rae picked up her first paintbrush at age 30 and everything changed. Painting brought her what she was craving: healing, unburdened joy, awakening. Her tender style of truth-telling and possibility-driven approach to life, work, & art spread like wildfire and has been featured in countless books, magazines, and licensed products. She is the creator of several beloved e-courses, books, and retreats that focus on the idea that when we let art out, we let love in.

She lives in small town Sisters, OR with her son True, husband John, and two English Bulldogs, Lulu and Amelia. You can learn more about Kelly Rae at


Episode Summary

Podcast 039 | Goodbye Instagram and Facebook with Kelly Rae Roberts

2:32 “I think of my art as sort of a marriage between my social work life and my creative

3:25 “Over time, especially as my business was growing, even with employees and help I just
found that my brain and my psychic space was always filled with go go go go go…”

4:44 “What I learned was that dismantling parts of your business is just as hard as building
parts of your business.”

11:52 “Between the drop ceiling and the fluorescent lighting and the paint, we had…some
things. But it did have wood floors…”

16:24 “The question on my mind these days as I continue to do this work of letting go is ‘what
do I feel beholden to that doesn’t consistently nourish my soul?’ The answers that keep coming
up over and over: instagram and facebook.’”

20:01 “The sense of community is stronger than the fear of staying somewhere that you have

22:18 “I just had limiting beliefs around ‘this is where I have to be in order to stay relevant.’ I
wish that I had done my breaking up [with instagram and facebook] years and years ago, I really

26:06 “Listen to how it makes you feel. How are you after you’ve been on, are you doing the
things you really say you want to do, do you feel beholden to something?”

28:00 “That’s how social media is designed, it’s designed to get that little hit of feedback, and
what I noticed was I was completely in that trap, looking for external validation for what I was

29:10 “I have felt lonely, I have felt alone, I have felt bored even, in the first couple of months. I
found that to be so fascinating, because I can’t remember the last time I felt truly bored, or didn’t
know what to do with myself, and I sort of loved it.”

32:14 “What’s my true north? At the end of the day can I go to sleep and feel like I’ve done
something, that I’m not beholden to anything except for my spirit, my soul, what matters most to

33:02 “I just find that when we take an actual stand that we deepen our relationships with our
communities, we start to narrow in on our ideal audience, that we are not trying to appease the
masses, but we are speaking with people who really, really, really get us…”

37:16 “I’ve also noticed there’s been more forwarding of my newsletters than ever before. The
person who is consuming social media content is moving quickly…but in your inbox you’ve got
someone’s attention a lot longer.”

39:15 “One of the things that was definitely birthed is that I’ve always had a wish to paint really
big, and to pivot my creative style a little bit…”


41:59 “Wait a second, I have been forward facing for 16 years. What does it look like to be
inward facing, to not be creating content, to not be creating a consumable for anybody?”

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  1. Connie Powell

    She had the freedom to leave FB and IG because she already had a HUGH following. So good for her but come on this is just not realistic for most artists.

    1. Jeanne Oliver

      That is true. We have talked a lot about this in my Creatively Made Business Mastermind group. This is why is it always more important to focus on good content on your blog, website and building an email list. Those are the platforms that are yours. Social media is the icing but your site is the foundation of community and growth.

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