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In this episode I am talking with artist and author Sabrina Ward Harrison. Sabrina is a poet, truth spiller, color collector, gentle guide, artist in many forms, and seer of beauty all around. During this episode we talk about Sabrina’s early years and being seen, her creative process, her well recognized hand lettering and how that was born, and what she thinks is the super power of creatives during this difficult time.



Sabrina Ward Harrison is the creator of 5 groundbreaking published books; the first one, Spilling Open, was published when she was 23. She has gone on to publish, Brave on the Rocks, Messy Thrilling Life, The True and The Questions and The Story is Happening. Her singular aesthetic energy turned Harrison into the voice of a generation.

She has taught creativity worldwide for 2 decades with a belief she holds strong to, that, “We must create what we most need to find” Her acclaimed signature online courses Liberate~ create the book that’s been in you and Full Color Life~ trust your unfolding open their doors twice a year.




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Episode Summary

Podcast 031 | A Colorful Life with Sabrina Ward Harrison


1:24     “I teach creative liberation through writing and color exploration…”


6:29    “Growing up, I always wanted to look different than I looked, I didn’t like my freckles and my short hair…”


7:27     “I was sort of thrown up to an art school in Northern California by an art teacher who was like ‘get your head out of your ass and get up there to art school.’”


8:37     “I just was passionate from that early stage for just really holding the space for people’s emotions, for unfolding, for self-acceptance.”


10:31   “There were so many things in the world that I couldn’t do and wasn’t good at, but I knew I could help hold the space for someone to open…”


17:35   “I always felt I had no idea what I was doing, I always felt like ‘who the heck can I ask how to do it, who can I turn to for business guidance?’”


20:16   “Who hasn’t said ‘What happened to me, I want to get that back, and why am I not doing those things that were wild and free and unexpected?’”


21:22   “It’s an honor to be a guide, and I think there’s a sense of vast permission I hope to give people…”


25:52   “There is so much emotion that people are feeling and so any way that people can help make a vessel for that, and to use our creative minds and our inventive minds to navigate through how we can help and how we can be of service. Some of the greatest art comes out of times like this.”


27:58   “When creatives share in all times, but especially these times, it is just a gift, not just for ourselves but for other people, too.”


29:10   “I like something that excites me and scares me at the same time, I like to work with people that do stuff that I can’t do, there’s so much ignition in that coming together.”


31:59  “It is so random that I’m here, it’s got to be a God thing. How random that I’m in Wisconsin?”


35:27   “There’s a lot of things I do that I’m just not really paying attention. I’m just up here in my creative mind.”


38:04  “I have this wonderful friend who said ‘If you’ve got a boat, just let people get on it, make the space and just show up anyway.”


40:01   “I think about just being bold, seize the day, this is the time where who knows what’s going to happen, so do it anyway.”


40:56  “Trust your creative-thinking, and ask for help.”


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