The Little Things

These are the little things that are making me smile today…


Quick project in the kitchen. 

I took the door off and sewed this little linen curtain to go in its place.  I loved the idea so much when I saw it in this beautiful lady's livingroom (under their built in cabinets).


My green tea is a little nicer (and I don't miss coffee as much..ok..that is a lie) when I have this cute cozy on my mug. 


Because my iphone may be my closest friend I thought I should dress her up a bit.  How cute is this?  I love Kelly Rae!  LOVE her!!!


This weekend Maddy and I had our annual back to school shopping trip.

This year we went with our good friends Amy Jo and Lauren.

Picnik collage2

We ate at the White Chocolate Grill, shopped, the girls went swimming, they painted each others toes and did makeup and watched a movie…

Picnik collage1

oh yeah…Maddy did my makeup too…

Picnik collage

What are your little things today?



Oh wait….I need to tell you who the giveaway winners are!

The winners of Vana Chupp's new book, Silhouette Art, are Rachel from Cupcake For Moose and Gina from Preppy Mama.

Congratulations ladies!!! 

Please email me your addresses and I will get these out to you right away.


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  1. Courtney Walsh

    Aww,this looks like a fun time!! You are so brave to let Maddy do your makeup!! She did a good job! πŸ™‚ I was going to call you earlier but thought Sunday might be a family day… it’s been a hectic weekend, but maybe we can catch up tomorrow?

  2. Traci

    today my little things are – the sun coming up shining over the bean field. sipping my coffee out of my mug that states “I enter this day with a peaceful heart.” and reading sweet blog posts. have a great day jeanne. and girl, you rock the blue eye shadow.

  3. Dore

    Hi jeanne,
    Been there done this πŸ™‚
    Mine now 17 did a beauty make over on me as well you just brought back a moment in time! The curtain is one of my favorite looks as well!
    Thank you for sharing what makes life jump up for joy!!

  4. Melissa

    Love that you have a girls shopping trip! So fun. Love your new cover for the phone as well – oh yeah and your fun boots.

  5. C. Rayevich

    lol such fun pictures!!
    I love the little curtain for under the sink. It reminds me of a couple houses I lived in as a child =)

  6. Nathalie

    I just love your quirkyness…I bet you are fun to hang out with…and your little girl is so cute, she looks like mommy.

  7. Leah C

    Oh it’s the little things that make life so special! Mine today are…sipping a mocha frappuccino and reading your blog post:)

  8. sherry Hicks

    Today my little things is…..I woke my daughter up, fixed her breakfast. Helped her shower and fix her hair and as I was getting her snack to pack her bag I realized today was a no school day. So when I told the look on her face was priceless, she was fine when she realized we had a “free day together and we were already prettied up to have fun! I love the color of your kitchen!! And enjoyed your makeup pics!

  9. Dore

    ( Return visit )
    Thank you Jeanne for your beautiful visit!
    Hum um!!! look who talking about the things I touch πŸ™‚ more like everything you touch turns to amazement πŸ™‚
    See you soon!

  10. Martha

    what a great time together!!! I love the curtain you did…I need to do one for my desk sometime but I don’t know how to sew a thing…maybe when I’m ready I should contact you:)
    Looks fantastic!

  11. Teresa

    did you make your coffee cup cozy or is it available online somewhere? i think it is totally adorable!! Love the curtain under the sink. Great idea!

  12. Jennifer Rizzo

    Your little things made me smile too. I like the makeup a lot. It will be perfect for those nights out on your special “dates”. πŸ™‚ Great pics Jeanne! πŸ™‚

  13. Brandie

    Love it Jeanne! Looks like you all had a great time. I love the little curtain too. Where, oh, where did you get that mug cozy? It is too cute!

  14. Julie

    I love the make up! I’m trying to cut out caffeine (again). Moving had me wishing for a coffee iv. But I’m back to tea…day 2 anyway. πŸ™‚

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