The Living Studio {City Art Walks Around The World}

Last fall as I was walking with Kelly through the Tuileries Gardens I instantly knew what kind of art retreat I wanted to create.

I am not the person that dreams of having art retreats or had even been planning to ever create one.

There are so many beautiful and amazing art retreats that it didn’t even seem necessary….until now!

I wanted to do something different than anyone else I knew.

The idea of creating art with you in Paris started all of this.

I wanted it to include experiences that an artist’s soul longs to do but doesn’t always take the time.

I wanted to take different cities and highlight the art they offer.

I wanted each retreat to be one of a kind.

Each city has a heartbeat all its own and I wanted to hear it and share it.

I wanted the retreat to revolve around the exhibits, some of the best food a city has to offer, finding the perfect cafe, creating art each day inspired by the art we experience and exploring based upon the city.

Even though I came up with my idea in Paris I want to start right here in the states.

{Paris will be coming soon}

THIS FALL we are launching The Living Studio {city art walks around the world}

I live right outside Denver so there is no place better to get our feet wet and start!

Last week when I shared a bit about our new adventure on Facebook we were blown away by your response to The Living Studio.

We already have a long list of people that want to join us in creating art and exploring the art in different cities.

Thank you for being excited with us for this next project!

If you want to be included in our mailing list for The Living Studio please email me at

If you would like to know specifically about The Living Studio {Denver} please email me at and specify Denver.

We will have a date for you within the next four weeks, reveal some of the beautiful details (we want some surprises) and open registration!

I am excited to share Denver and art with you.

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  1. ramblingtart

    What a gorgeous and inspiring idea. 🙂 I love the thought of meandering through these cities specifically to find beauty. Wonderful. 🙂

    1. jeanne Author

      So glad you are excited too. Our minds can’t shut off thinking about all the ways we want to experience art with all of you!

  2. kay

    I love the way your creative mind thinks. This sounds amazing! I look forward to hearing more!

  3. candicediane

    There IS beauty in the despair of Detroit – I live in the suburbs but love the sparks of vibrant life I stumble across in Detroit.

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