The Living Studio Friday Prompt

We have so many fun and amazing things planned for the Living Studio but one thing we wanted to start ASAP was a weekly Friday prompt.

Each Friday you will get an art quote and a printable prompt that hopefully will get you motivated to get your supplies out over the weekend and throughout the week.

We will share supply links, inspiring artist stories and art that goes along with the prompt.

I am only able to teach at 1-2 Living Studio retreats a year and not everyone is able to join me for an in person workshop.

I am hoping this is a fun way for us to connect each week.

My hope is that you will connect with us through our free Living Studio video series online, join the Living Studio Facebook page and share your art and start connecting with other members in your area to get out of your studio and creating art in the studio of your town, parks, cafes and museums.

Welcome to The Living Studio Friday Prompt!

Click HERE to download a printable PDF

Click HERE to download a printable PDF

Painting with a palette knife is very freeing and allows you to create and loosen up in a whole new way.

I encourage you this week to just have fun PLAYING! Remember that? Remember as a kid the pure joy you had in making a creative mess? That kid is dying to come back and play!


If you are looking for palette knife/impasto inspiration I have created a Pinterest board that you may enjoy.

An artist that you may enjoy reading more about is Henri Lamy.  In whatever medium he chooses to work his art has so much energy and movement.


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    1. bb gardner

      {{ aaahhhhh !! Vmiller, alas, I am the same way ::: Thinking I need some one to yell, “Stop, put your palette knife down !! “

  1. dede warren

    Thanks for the prompt and inspiration Jeanne. I am moved to grab my paints and try this… Now!

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